Maxi, cat american shorthair - Pet Photo Contest
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Maxi is a 4 year old cat who has the personality of a person. He loves to play, loves to run outside and chase anything that moves, he even sits on the side of the tub when Mom is showering. He is such a precious boy and loves his catnip more than anything. His favorite food is Fish and his favorite...



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Aurore A.
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Corinne V.
Corinne V. Please let us know if you're re-registering Maxi tonight ? And if so, would you accept to exchange 10 votes /day with Miou ?
Doddi D.
Doddi D. Sorry just seeing this, but yes I would
Corinne V.
Corinne V. Hello. I'm sorry. Too late, no more room available. Good contest
Cowgirl would you like to exchange votes
Blind Pepe
Blind Pepe Had to close the motel for three months Im reopen now and we could use the votes if you have some, I don't have votes to give back ,I have 54 cats that live in motel rooms on the other side ,this could help thank you
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Katy C. Votes for votes Charlie
Katy C.
Katy C. Votes for votes Charlie
Britt Animallover Johnson
Britt Animallover Johnson Maxi is adorable 💖💜
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Alexa F. 2 for two? crookshanks
Doddi D.
Doddi D. Yes of course!
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Lolo M. Bonjour echange de votes avec Lilou ?
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Melody H. ❤️❤️❤️