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351st World and 7th Vermont ranking in the Cat’s contest which ended a month ago.

Hi, I’m Snowball. My humans call me Snow. I had a brother when we got adopted but he wandered off and never returned home. As for me, I’m a big baby. I love my independence but I also rely on mom to make sure I’m fed and my litter box is clean. I like to roam outside and I love playing with my new b...



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Claire Hello 😊 we're a French team very serious and we love cats 🥰 we can make 150 votes per day and more 😉😉 if you want for your contest you make a bonus 1000 or 2200 votes or 3000 votes and we vote for your nice cat 😉 thanks for your reply 🥰
Stephanie C.
Stephanie C. That would be wonderful!
Céline C.
Céline C. échange de vote avec mon Jaya
Soha A.
Soha A. Exchange votes? 10/10 Prada 💖