Pippin Rose, cat tabby - Pet Photo Contest
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Pippin Rose

Tabby · Star

8th World and 1st Idaho ranking in the Cat’s contest which ended a year ago.
Prizes won: $150 + $30
275 €

At this time, I am back in the hospital, undergoing more tests for undetermined skeletal pain and organ failures with my pancreas and liver. My son is now caring for Pippin Rose and Duma and arrangements are being put in place to return the votes from Duma’s contest. I am not able to continue with...



My profile
Lea C.
Lea C. Hello, would you agree to advance the votes for my dog please Faiza 😊 thank you for your response on his profile even if it is negative
Erin F.
Erin F. Addison is back 🥰. Addison
Jola K.
Jola K. Hello, Charlie team is in the contest with kitty Daisy Have you space for advance votes for us?
Stephanie P.
Stephanie P. Hello advance votes please 1600 😘 🙏https://missprincesse.fr/5957747904726136/
Janhaelle F.
Janhaelle F. Bonjour je serais intéressée par votre avance de votes avec Claïveun fin novembre merci de répondre sur mon mur
Odile L
Odile L Recherche avance de votes de 2200 pour mes bouledogue svp. Eliote.minus
Judy J.
Judy J. Kenyla Douglas Hi Sheryl V H. I am keniyla Douglas grandma I see on my daughter Shaketa page that you have given her some advance votes and to be returned back to you can you please send me the reminder of the day that your contest starts so I can make sure that you received your advance votes back as agreed with Shaketa I'm trying to make sure that everyone received there advance votes back as agreed with my daughter with a gift 🎁 from me appreciate your support
Sheryl V. H.
Sheryl V. H. Definitely 🥰 It has been a pleasure voting for her, she is a beautiful and active young lady with a lot of personality by what her pictures show💕
Judy J.
Judy J. Kenyla Douglas Hi Sheryl V. H. Please keep me updated on returning your advance votes back to you I have so many people that I have to return advance votes back and I'm doing it by myself
Sheryl V. H.
Sheryl V. H. No worries 🥰! Pip’s contest isn’t until March 2022 and I will give you advance notice ☺️
Christine M.
Christine M. Are you able to advance to be returned at a later date?
Véronique S.
Véronique S. Bonjour j e suis a la recherche d avance de vote pour ma fille si intéressé merci de me le dire sur mon mur cordialement Kiara Et Clelia
Ariel B.
Ariel B. Hello dear can you do advance votes for my daugjter to retun your next contest 🙏Skyra
Fred Y.
Fred Y. Hello vous faites avancés ? Thanks. Paco
Dayla B.
Dayla B. Advance 1000"🙏I Will Return March Thank you 🍃👻👑™️Angus
Sheryl V. H.
Sheryl V. H. Dayla, I’m full on daily votes on KP right now. I gave a bonus on Post-Malone and am giving daily votes on Savannah. If I have daily votes open up in the future, I’ll let you know. Right now I am going through a lot of medical issues and cannot do additional bonuses 🥰
Dayla B.
Dayla B. God bless you and 🙏🙏🙏
Dayla B.
Dayla B. 😇😘😇🙏
Jennifer B.
Jennifer B. https://baybee.fr/6347995047872725/ bonjour accepter vous un échange de vote je vous rend a votre prochain concours sans soucis
Sheryl V. H.
Sheryl V. H. Pippin Rose sera en concours en mars 2022 . C'est toujours un plaisir d'aider Thiago😘
Amélie P.
Amélie P. Hi and nice too meet you :) please its possible advance for my baby girl? ?
Erin F.
Erin F. Hi. I forgot to tell you that Addison is in a contest right now 😘
Sheryl V. H.
Sheryl V. H. I started voting! I love her cat costume 💕She looks so cute! Pippin is going to be a fairy princess 🥰
Erin F.
Erin F. Thank you. I will definitely return 🥰. The cat costume is for Halloween 🎃.
Geraldine F.
Geraldine F. Hello, interested in avanceVéronica
Missbetty D.
Missbetty D. Nolan 🌸🌹🌷🌺
Missbetty D.
Missbetty D. Hello would you be ok to give me an advance of 500 votes
Nina V.
Nina V. Hello. 😃 Maka is in contest the 7 october, we need advances for her. We are very serious about returns, if you are interesting, thanks to contact me by messenger please, nina velty Maka
Nine V.
Nine V. hello , i don't have a response from you about advances , are you ok to help us ?Maka
Sheryl V. H.
Sheryl V. H. Please check your wall-I am doing 20 votes a day until I’m able to do a bonus. I started voting the day your contest started 🥰
Sheryl V. H.
Sheryl V. H. I’m returning Duma’s votes from her contest, but you’re too far ahead at the moment to do anything but one vote at a time ❤️
Sheryl V. H.
Sheryl V. H. I have been in and out of the hospital for the last 3 weeks as well between my brain tumor and chest pains, so I’ve been having my son return my daily votes so I don’t fall behind, but he doesn’t know how to do anything else than push the vote buttons😝
Nina V.
Nina V. Oh sorry, I didn t make the connection, there are a lot of voters, can you contact me by messenger before making a bonus, if that s what you wanted to do please nina velty a profile with hearts
Nina V.
Nina V. Sorry 😪.
Sheryl V. H.
Sheryl V. H. Of course! Duma owes 1050 total, so as soon as I’m able, I will do a bonus and everything over the 1050 can go as an advance for Pippin’s contest in March. We’ve always had good exchanges in the past, so I will let you know what I can help with 💕. I can’t get in to my next doctor until the 18th and I am back home for the time being unless the chest pains return. Pippin Rose is trained to watch my pain levels and other medical conditions, so she has not left my side since I got home. She is an exceptional cat, companion, and comfort 🥰
Nina V.
Nina V. Hello, you are really very nice, yes it is nice to meet supportive and sympathetic people. Your cat looks a bit like mine, also a tabby who gave us beautiful babies, so I have 3 cats too. Your baby is very beautiful. For the bonus please contact me by messenger before please nina velty. Thank you sheryl take good care of yourself ❤️
Nina V.
Nina V. Good luck to you, it is very nice what you are doing for Maka, I hope you will be okay, thank you for your support to maka 😊. Take care of yourself ❤️
Sheryl V. H.
Sheryl V. H. Thank you, Nina🥰 Every day I just try to do my best and try to make the world a little better. Yesterday I started physical therapy, cut down all my cat nip plants to collect seeds and dry the leaves. I have a houseful of VERY happy kitties 💗.
Nina V.
Nina V. ❤️❤️ Courage for you💕
Carnot P.
Carnot P. Bonsoir j'ai vu que vous seriez en concours à partir du moi de mars 2022 seriez vous intéressé par une avance que je vous rendrait à votre concours 😁Mèlina
Véronique S.
Véronique S. Bonsoir je suis a la recherche d avance de vote max 5000 si intéressé merci de me le dire sur mon mur cordialement Kenza
Nina V.
Nina V. Hey Sheryl, can you do some advance for maka please 😉.