Monroe, cat chartreux - Pet Photo Contest
Pink, Heart, Snout, Paw, Furry friends, Ear, Whiskers


Chartreux · Elk Grove

750th World and 30th California ranking in the Cat’s contest which ended a month ago.

Monroe is a fun loving cat. She loves to play, and sleep in boxes and bags, she loves to sit outside on the balcony and take in all the fresh air. Her favorite thing to do is eat and cuddle ❤️



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Sylvianne P.
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Takira K.
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Justine B.
Justine B. Hello, vote for my baby
Ambear H.
Ambear H. you can't win again because you ready won
Ambear H.
Ambear H. Your going against the contest rules
Olivia W.
Olivia W. please vote for Amy!
Olivia P.
Olivia P. Vote for Sprinkles & we will return the votes! Leave us a comment when you've done it so we can keep track 💞
Kara S.
Kara S. Voted
Hailey M.
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Katelyne S.
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Hailey M.
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Kara S.
Kara S. How do I do that? Of course I will help.