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Tabby · Steubenville

1st World and 1st Ohio ranking in the Cat’s contest which ended 13 days ago.
Prizes won: Jackpot: $2,271 + $150 Cash

This is Mels first contest, I will now hand the mic over to her. A little bit about me I use to live in the shelters of Moundsville when one day a lady and a man came in and said they wanted to adopt me I was nervous because I was dropped off an all I could think about is them bringing me back once ...



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Jenny Phillips
Jenny Phillips Cute 😍 Congratulations 🎉
Sharon E.
Sharon E. Congrads! 😻
Jessie H.
Jessie H. Thank you!!!
Jessie H.
Jessie H. Hi Donna D if you see this thank you for Voting for Mel❤️
Donna D.
Donna D. Your welcome. My phone has been losing a signal. Going to get it checked today. Good Luck ! 😘❤
Camille D.
Camille D. of votes 10,20 + Max
Christine M. L.
Christine M. L. My Granddaughter
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Océane J. Bonjour échange avec ma fille Jenna pour 10
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Tîntari C. Nicoly Et Maëlys Échange votes 10 à day if you are interested, answer on my wall?