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Persian · Clarkston

Contest over
883rd World and 38th Michigan ranking in the Cat's contest which ended a month ago.

I sleep on mom's bed or in the headboard - BUT first I gotta get my cuddle time & belly rubs. I seem to put my humoon into dreamland as she falls asleep to the beat of my mezmorizing purrrrrr... I'm a purrrrfect songster!!! When 'we' get up in the morning to go downstairs my Humon takes a detour ...



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Océane D
Océane D hello my friend, I hope you are well and that everything is going well. good day Wendy
Océane D
Océane D ❤️💜
Jessica S.
Jessica S. 👋🏼 Hey Muggsy My name is LOKI 😽 My mama and I think your very Handsome 😻 and we are going to give you some votes 🗳 😽If you can please vote for me Your friend LOKI.THE 😺
Océane D
Océane D +10- 03/04 Wendy 🎁🎁
Océane D
Océane D +5+5=10 - 04/04 Wendy & Martine 🎁🎁
Ann Green
Ann Green OH PLEASE NO ~ I waz just sending a vote to say hello, U;m a 54 yr, ikd;s /guardian who is Mentally Handicapped and this time of year I have to make acconting reports out for his SSDI and 2 trust funds.. This is the first year end's reporting and I'm NO accontant . Plus I still have to do my friends taxes as well as his sons plus my own yet... If I come back to KingPet full tilt I will definately let you know that's what I'm doing...
Océane D
Océane D hello ok don't worry about when it will be time we will do the exchange thank you bcp 💜❤️
Catoftheseas please vote for my gabby xx
Ann Green
Ann Green I'm keeping my account open but at this time I'm not exchanging votes. I have too much on my plate as I am a guardain of a Mentally Challenged individual and I have many re4ports and STUFF I have to take care of in the first quarter or so of the year.
Océane D
Océane D hello don't worry it will be 🎁 for your cat
Aimee W.
Aimee W. Nice to see Muggsy again 😊
Laura L.
Laura L. Just checking to see you you wanted to trade 10/10 daily. Just in it for fun but I seen your message. 😘
Sonja B.
Sonja B. I have extra votes if you would like to exchange
Dominique M.
Dominique M. Sephora FAIT 10 VOTES LE 25/01 ! A DEMAIN
Rachelle 10 A DEMAINMaïa
Ann Green
Ann Green Maïa , Savannah , Skyra , Roxane , I just wanted to say hello to those I've exchanged votes with. I have too much on my plate taking care of the all the paperwork to finish up the first year of becoming an individual's Guardian who is developmentally challenged to vote reguarily yet... Not enough time in any day but I do miss ya'all. I am so sorrry that you voted more than perhaps 1 vote or just a hello and will leave people a vote here and there.
Rachelle Maïa
Ariel B.
Ariel B. Thank you so much Savannah
Ariel B.
Ariel B. Would you like to exchange votes we have 3 days left of my birthday girls contest she turned the big 2 todaySkyra
Anne H.
Anne H. Roxane Bonjour, voici un vote pour votre magnifique minou
Aimee W.
Aimee W. Nice to see Muggsy again 🙂