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112th World and 5th Michigan ranking in the Cat's contest which ended a year ago.
Prize won: 400 votes
10 €

Hello, my names Milo! I am two years old. You can look below to see pictures from my birthday! 🥳I love to play with my toys especially my light up ball, I love to chase it around the house & of course shoe strings. I also love sitting on my cat windowsill, watching the birds, and these toy mice my ...



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Rebecca E.
Rebecca E. Can you vote for my kitten?
Ann Green
Ann Green R u interezted in e,changing vote for vor vote? 5 aday or10 a day? When you use your 10 votes a day it starts to add up to achievements for your Milo... Muggsy & Crew vote reguarily for others and many people have otjer pets on their profiles tovote for others and get achiements... You said you were new on Ollies profile & since I'm from MI as well, I thought I'd tell you if you didn't know... Sharingyour profile if you're on Fb and liking it adds up for achieveme down the road a spell alsonts
Miguel D.
Miguel D. Hello, exchange votes 10 for 10 with Sakura
Miguel D.
Miguel D. 10 done 6/11Sakura
Nana Hello, Would you be interested in an exchange of votes Clelia Maria We can return up to 140 / days. Thank you for your reply....
Nana ????
Jackie Obrien
Jackie Obrien Exchange Daisy
Shea L.
Shea L. I'm going to vote again orange cats stick together 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Hailey H.
Hailey H. ❤️❤️
Shea L.
Shea L. He is so handsome I voted!! 😍
Hailey H.
Hailey H. Thank you so much! ❤️
Chana M.
Chana M. Hi! Would you like to exchange votes with
Judith C.
Judith C. Awww so cute!! I would but I have none to use, sorry.
Hailey H.
Hailey H. If you can vote tomorrow with your free votes, even one I’d applicate it
Judith C.
Judith C. All my votes for the duration of the contest are being exchanged. I cant even vote for Bubba myself. Sorry.
Judith C.
Judith C. But I will keep you in mind if something comes up