Ferguson, cat american shorthair - Pet Photo Contest
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366th World and 8th Virginia ranking in the Cat’s contest which ended a month ago.

Ferguson not only has our Family name but has the “red/orange” hair/fur that is very common with “The Fergusons”. He loves attention. Being able to get the treats out of our pantry, off the shelf & opening them by chewing into the treat bag, keeps him very popular with the other kitties.



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Alisa S.
Alisa S. This is how Ferguson opens a bag of treats!! The other kitties just love Ferguson!
Alisa S.
Alisa S. Ferguson is asking if all the other kitties will be his friend (and what is your favorite flavor
Alisa S.
Alisa S. Please send more Treats to Ferguson!!
Alisa S.
Alisa S. Alisa S. I think “Friskies” (the company that makes these Temptation treats that Ferguson & his 20+ family/friends love sooooo much should send us a year’s supply!! 🙀😽😺😻 1m