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Other · Sterling Heights

130th World and 5th Michigan ranking in the Cat’s contest which ended a month ago.
Prize won: 400 votes
27 €

Zoey is a 3 month old, polydactyl kitty. She loves to use her extra toe beans to her advantage whether it is hunting or playing. She is really the sweetest most cuddly cat i’ve ever met.



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Ann G.
Ann G. Muggsy and Krew think Zoey is adorable Daniellle!
Ann G.
Ann G. If it fits I sits ~ Kitchen sink, bowl, coffee mug, and my snuggled in my arm...
Ann G.
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Ann G.
Ann G. With accumulation of likes ~ extra Achievement votes too...
Ermira L.
Ermira L. Zoey is the cutest and the most playful kitten I’ve ever seen ❤️🐈🐈‍⬛