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Turkish Angora · Oldtown

898th World and 11th Idaho ranking in the Cat's contest which ended 5 days ago.

Asher is the sweetest 15lb boy! He loves to play fetch, go on hikes, and cuddle/groom his human baby sibling every chance he gets. He looks like his dad (Turkish Angora) but with his mom’s short hair (stray barn cat) Entering my animals in hopes of winning to help pay for mine and my sisters vet bi...



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Sheryl V. H.
Sheryl V. H. Pippin Rose - love the harness! Asher is definitely one cool cat. Gave him a few votes from one Idaho cat to another 🥰
Sheryl V. H.
Sheryl V. H. A couple more 🥰
Sheryl V. H.
Sheryl V. H. 3/24 + 2 🥰
Sheryl V. H.
Sheryl V. H. 3/26 + 1 🥰
Sheryl V. H.
Sheryl V. H. 3/28 + 2🥰