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American Shorthair · Providence

103rd World and 2nd Rhode Island ranking in the Cat's contest which ended a month ago.
Prize won: 800 votes
12 €

Luna "Lovegood" is 9 months old and loves to cuddle. She also loves her toys, treats and her mommy.



My profile
Stephanie B.
Stephanie B. Lunaa❤
Kat F.
Kat F. Auntie Steph🥰😘
Christina M.
Christina M. I have a cat name Luna
Glenda L.
Glenda L. She’s gorgeous!🐾🖤Hello from my Luna to your Luna.
Kat F.
Kat F. Awww ty! Love your beautiful Luna😍
Kat F.
Kat F. Thank you for all the likes & votes