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British Shorthair · Nottingham

Contest over
Mia finished 642nd in the Cat’s contest which ended 21 days ago.

🐈‍⬛Mia is a real British short hair one year old. 🦋She became a member of our family and the center of attention since she was only 6 weeks old♥️. She is an indoor kitten and loves to play and climb🧗‍♂️, is also very intelligent, she has learned how to open all the cupboard doors and how to drink...



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Rhonda S.
Rhonda S. Voted for sweet 🍭MIA 🪅🎊🏆
Jessica R.
Jessica R. 10 votes a day exchange? Zeus let me know.
Ashley P.
Ashley P. Exchange 10 daily?
Loredana P.
Loredana P. 2/10✅
Ashley P.
Ashley P. +10 3/23
Katia Reyes
Katia Reyes 10/10?
Loredana P.
Loredana P. Voted for Loki
Debbie D. L.
Debbie D. L. Sprocket you want to exchange 10 votes for 10 votes?
Loredana P.
Loredana P. Yes, sure!
Debbie D. L.
Debbie D. L. 3/10
Alban Sula
Alban Sula I’ll vote you from this account as well ❤️ Hope you’ll win!
Debbie D. L.
Debbie D. L. Wow! Thank you
Debbie D. L.
Debbie D. L. 10/10! Again tomorrow?
Loredana P.
Loredana P. 10/10
Debbie D. L.
Debbie D. L. 10/10 ✅ 3-22