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58th World and 4th California ranking in the Cat's contest which ended a month ago.
Prize won: $50
88 €

I am a sweet and well behaved Calico. My nick name is “Sissi cat”. I am 6 years old. My human and I found each other 3 years ago at a shelter where I was considered a chronic hider. I never hided since my human and I met! I love to spend time outside but I decided I am an indoor cat I like and prefe...



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Ashley P.
Ashley P. How beautiful 😍
Daniela V.
Daniela V. Thanks Ashley! She is a beauty and super sweet
Francesca C.
Francesca C. We love Sissi!!!
Dodie I.
Dodie I. Sissi is Beautiful ❤️
Daniela V.
Daniela V. Thank you!!!! Sissi is also super sweet ❤️