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Tabby · Lexington

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Vladimir is by far the most amazing kitty. We rescued him when he was no bigger than my hand, we found him freezing to death in an ice and snow filled parking lot. We brought him home and warmed him up, took to vet and got shots etc and now he is healthy happy cat. Vladimir is a very talkative bo...



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Jeremy G.
Jeremy G. Bub has won 1st place in the region for 2 contests now. He really wants to be 1 in nation, it can be done. He says thank you to everyone that has helped him live his superstar kitty dreams
Jeremy G.
Jeremy G. He won the halloween contest and now is national. Votes are free. Hes in 2nd
Jeremy G.
Jeremy G. He just found out hes in 39th place outta 2000. Hes walking around the house like hes a king
Jeremy G.
Jeremy G. If you could see the way hes watching this page, u would giggle. I tell him hey bub your a star and he gets all giddy
Jeremy G.
Jeremy G. Look at that fave, how could you not vote