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1858th World and 63rd New York ranking in the Cat's contest which ended 6 months ago.

Crumpet is such a lovable kit cat, she wants to be held like a baby on her back in your arms. And when you try to put her down, she hangs on for dear life. She likes to sleep under the blanket with you all the time. She will chitter to you to tell you pick me up.super sweet.


Cat, Felidae, Comfort, Carnivore, Small To Medium-sized Cats, Whiskers, Snout, Tree, Domestic Short-haired Cat, Furry friends, Linens, Tail, Plant, Paw, Claw, Nap, Paper, Sitting, Room, Paper Product


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Nicolette O.
Nicolette O. Crumpet waiting for her people to come to bed, she is ready and waiting