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Tabby · Blackburn

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Lily is very sensitive and scared cat at times. We have had her for nearly 1 year. Try to integrate her with her new family.



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Emma B.
Emma B. Really appreciate all your votes and lovely comments xxx shes getting a little starstruck now and swooning around like a queen lol
Katie B.
Katie B. Returning all votes for my precious Pinecone 🩵 Can exchange 10 votes a day for anyone interested 🐾
Jo T.
Jo T. Beautiful girl 💓
Susan M.
Susan M. Gorgeous 😍
Beverley C.
Beverley C. Extra cute sweetheart on this pic 💕💕
Beverley C.
Beverley C. So gorgeous ❤️ 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻
Fi K.
Fi K. Gorgeous girl ❤️❤️ Fingers crossed for her x
Katie H.
Katie H. Gorgeous girly ♥️ she has my vote!!
Josie W.
Josie W. She is beautiful Good luck lily x
Karen G.
Karen G. Good luck Lily x
Yvonna M.
Yvonna M. Good Luck to your little tinker x
Beverley C.
Beverley C. ansolutely gorgeous little sweetheart
Emma B.
Emma B. Shes so beautiful, we adopted her from little tinkers, shes our second adoption. But shes such a character xxx