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May finished 1756th in the Dog’s contest which ended 9 years ago.

May is a kind , loving dog who was rescued from Romanian ,although her past should of put her off of humans she craves affection, she is gentle and loving towards the other small dogs and loves the cats. Their is nothing cuter than a dog who can se there's still hope and love in the world and gives ...



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Janet Kemp
Janet Kemp go may go xxx
Linda Norris
Linda Norris Please vote for May, bought her some more votes last night, but she's still dropped in the ratings :( xxx
Sabrina Nanette
Sabrina Nanette 7601, 02, Camilla Et Matis
Manon Denat
Manon Denat 77..78..79 please return to manon.....MANON
francinepichodolagne 4243-4244 please return Eccho
Elise Harding
Elise Harding Please vote for May x
Janet Kemp
Janet Kemp voted good luck may
Jane OConnell
Jane OConnell 7474, 7475 please vote for Drake Drake
Huguette Louloute
Huguette Louloute 4186 87 88 , please return to a other dog from Romanian , Helia, thxx Hélia
Elise Harding
Elise Harding Voted again x please vote for May xx she's 2nd x
Elise Harding
Elise Harding May went for her first walk outside today . Taken lots for her to trust me putting lead on . ??
Brigitte Candy
Brigitte Candy Please vote to Teni, we can do more than 30 votes / day for you ,thxxx Teni ?
Elise Harding
Elise Harding I'm a foster dog and I'm cute inside and out :-) I love everyone and all the other pets even though I've had a tough start to life .
Raluca Badea
Raluca Badea Good LUCKKKKKKK !!! <3 <3 >3