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Cheyanne Rose finished 12681st in the Dog’s contest which ended 7 years ago.

I always thought I saved her from what would have been a horrible life...but in reality this Lil fur baby, my Angel saved me!!! She has blessed my life and is my best friend and knows only unconditional love!!! We have been thru so many happy and sad times the last 16 yrs.


Cheyanne Rose


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Jamie Neal
Jamie Neal I love my Cheyanne Rose so much!!!! She is my Angel & BFF...
Jamie Neal
Jamie Neal But she is so strong and I'm not ready to let my BFF go..we are living each day together so happily and she has showed me such unconditional love. ..I could never be as strong as that Lil chi. .I love my fur baby so much. .merry Christmas Cheyanne Rose. ..mommy's Angel. ......
Jamie Neal
Jamie Neal My lil baby has been fighting and is such a strong Lil girl...she has been diagnosed with kidney failure...
Jamie Neal
Jamie Neal My precious fur baby!!! My BFF for 16 1/2 yrs now...she only knows unconditional love and trust...