Cairn Terrier · Albuquerque

Mango finished 8730th in the Dog’s contest which ended 4 years ago.

I am approximately a 4 yr old girl. I was found on the side of the road in a ditch in Fort Worth. I was picked up by animal control on a random call and dropped at the local city kill shelter. I was pulled by Emma's Rescue. Multiple tests indicate that my damage is irreversible. I suffered a fractur...



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Sandie Mays
Sandie Mays i will vote for any time i love you Mango
Michelle Ruscito
Michelle Ruscito Love you Mango!
Erin Zenor
Erin Zenor YAY Mango!
Connie Pipitone
Connie Pipitone How do you vote if not registered??
Jenny D
Jenny D '@ Well done Mr Mango.. well deserved
Angie Gaffke
Angie Gaffke Yay Mango!!!
Dux Benny
Dux Benny WTG Mango!
Alina Ventura
Alina Ventura I used to vote for Mango as many times I could !! Congratulations!!
Claire Champness
Claire Champness Congratulations xxxxx
Lorraine L.
Lorraine L. Well done Mango and Michelle ????
Terese Azad
Terese Azad YAY! MANGO!
Janine Elizabeth
Janine Elizabeth Yay congrats mango
Lacey Miller
Lacey Miller Congrats!!!!!
Angi Stahlman
Angi Stahlman Yay Mango!!! So happy for you and your Mission! Oh boy more Furbabies are gonna be doing zoomies!!
Patricia Cross
Patricia Cross So happy for you Mango xoxoxoxo's
Doris Kissack
Doris Kissack Very nice, congratulations
Tammy Bayes
Tammy Bayes Yippee?
Gwendolyn Youngblood
Gwendolyn Youngblood Congratulations Mango!
Latanya Meadors
Latanya Meadors Way to go mango
Kay Errington
Kay Errington YAY Mango!! Woo Hoo <3 <3
Lisa Lehmann
Lisa Lehmann Woohoo.myay baby girl..
Kim Boylan
Kim Boylan Yay fantastic whoopee well done mango
Elizabeth Mancuso
Elizabeth Mancuso Woo hoo way to go Mango!!!