Hope, dog dachshund - Pet Photo Contest


Dachshund · United States

Contest over
Hope finished 13160th in the Dog’s competition which ended 4 years ago.

Hope is the product of a backyard breeder. She was born without eyes and is completely deaf, but she doesn't let that stop her from living life to the fullest!




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Sharon C.
Sharon C. Go Hope Go! Luvs Marty the Manx (martythemanx2.wordpress.com)
Katty M.
Katty M. done, all the bestest luck!!!
Bev G.
Bev G. We voted good luck sweetie pie
Janice Grzywacz
Janice Grzywacz Hoping you win. You are exceptional
Lauren K.
Lauren K. Thank you so much, Janice!
Donna E.
Donna E. You are the most wonderful of dogs. You go girl!
Lauren K.
Lauren K. Thank you so much, Donna! We appreciate your support!