Bella, dog english cocker spaniel - Pet Photo Contest
401st World and 54th United Kingdom ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended a year ago.

Bella just loves life and her hoomans


Dog, Dog breed, Canidae, Carnivore, Companion dog, Fawn, Pit Bull, Non-sporting Group, Tail
Dog, Canidae, Dog breed, Carnivore, Spanish Water Dog, Standard Poodle, Companion dog, Lagotto Romagnolo, Small Münsterländer, Retriever
Dog, Canidae, Dog breed, Carnivore, Small Münsterländer, German Longhaired Pointer, German Shorthaired Pointer, Cocker Spaniel, Spaniel, Pointing Breed, Rare Breed (dog), Puppy, English Cocker Spaniel, Companion dog, Blue Picardy Spaniel
Dog, Canidae, Dog breed, Carnivore, German Spaniel, German Longhaired Pointer, Boykin Spaniel, Spaniel, Hunting Dog, American Water Spaniel, Blue Picardy Spaniel, Pont-audemer Spaniel, Picardy Spaniel, Rare Breed (dog), Murray River Curly Coated Retriever, Stichelhaar, Small Münsterländer
Dog, Dog breed, Canidae, Small Münsterländer, Carnivore, German Longhaired Pointer, Puppy, Nose, Spaniel, Liver, Snout, Boykin Spaniel, French Spaniel, Picardy Spaniel, Retriever, German Spaniel, Rare Breed (dog)


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