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Husky · Huntington

347th World and 16th New York ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended 10 months ago.

Hi my name is chaos I’m no average doggo I’m 9 months old a little goofy but smart ONLY When you show me food,My grandma feeds me crackers and I’m not the type of doggo that would catch it as if I’m going to bite your hand off.. What I do is I get as much pieces as I can into my mouth , place it u...



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Tripacia Zen G. R.
Tripacia Zen G. R. I come from Belgium....Do you want to exchange vote with me? 10/10...
Tripacia Zen G. R.
Tripacia Zen G. R.
Ciara If you vote for my dog I well vote for yours
Bri F.
Bri F. Gorgeous. Daily exchange 10/10? Ella