Richard, dog pomeranian - Pet Photo Contest
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Pomeranian · Honolulu

746th World and 6th Hawaii ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended a month ago.

Richard loves to stare deeply at his food bowl until a helping human hand comes to hand-feed him. SPOILED! 😆 He also likes to take one of his kibble and throw it around the room (using his mouth) and roll all over it for fun! SILLY! 🤣 Richard is a healthy 13 year old Pomeranian/Japanese Spitz and...



My profile
Amber T.
Amber T. I miss you aunty
Amber T.
Amber T. Come on Richard you are almost to 800
Cam K.
Cam K. Thank you for voting! Richard loves you! ❤️🐕
Amber T.
Amber T. I love your pictures
Amber T.
Amber T. I love seeing Richard when I come to your house
Michelle A.
Michelle A. one of the cutest and sweetest good boys i’ve ever seen!
Bella T.
Bella T. Go Richard!!!
Isabella T.
Isabella T. Yay I hope Richard wins
Giamaria I.
Giamaria I. cute!