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Lyla Mae

Boxer · North Smithfield

152nd World and 6th Rhode Island ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended 9 days ago.

Lyla Mae, is a 11 month old pup! She loves to run, play, get her dad, and cuddle! She loves to be with her kids! Lyla has started a new thing and loves to chew on anything she can. She likes to go to dirt bike races and watch her dad and sisters around the track. Lyla is a lover, she loves every hum...



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Dayla B.
Dayla B. Want to exchange VOTES 10/10. Bulldoggie
Donna L.
Donna L. I love our Lila Mae. Such a good baby girl❤❤
Gary O.
Gary O. I Just love our Lyla Mae ❤️❤️