Snout, Fawn, Carnivore, Art


Boxer · Madison

1896th World and 28th Wisconsin ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended 3 days ago.

Hello! I’m Aberdeen. I’m a pure bred boxer that was rescued from the Humane Society 5.5 years ago. My mom saw me while she was volunteering and I’m edistely knew she had to have me. What she didn’t know, was that my past owners dropped me off bc I had stage two kidney disease and I was only a year o...


Snout, Fawn, Carnivore, Art
Dog, Canidae, Dog breed, American Bulldog, Carnivore, Non-sporting Group, Cordoba Fighting Dog, Snout, Bulldog, Valley Bulldog, White English Bulldog, Ancient Dog Breeds, Rare Breed (dog), Fawn, Companion dog, Toy Bulldog, Dorset Olde Tyme Bulldogge, Puppy love


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