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Dog, Dalmatian, Canidae, Dog breed, Carnivore, Non-sporting Group, Snout, Pointer, Companion dog, Great Dane


Dalmatian · Belleville

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Valkyrie has been smiling since she was a puppy! She loves to play fetch and run agility and melts everyone she meets! Though she likes cat toys too much... Show her some love!



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Dayla B.
Dayla B. Love you.
Toni F.
Toni F. Exchange votes? Patch
Jill B. K.
Jill B. K. Does Valkyrie have a Facebook page?
Mayra S.
Mayra S. Hi! Do you want to exchange votes for Boris?
Rileyy E.
Rileyy E. voted!
Mayra S.
Mayra S. Thanks!! I will start voting 💕
Mayra S.
Mayra S. I didn’t get your vote
Rileyy E.
Rileyy E. I did it