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American Bully · Chicago

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Leilani P.
Vanessa S.
Beverly C.
Maria R.
Calvin L.

Meet Baylie! she is an American bully. Baylie loves humans. she will cuddle up to you and never let you go. she is super sweet. there is no meeting new people, we are all her buds!



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Maria R.
Maria R. Voted 10 1/22
Janett C. B.
Janett C. B. Working on Bailey now
Calvin L.
Calvin L. i have to work in a little while but i will vote 10 for Bailey while i am working i have one more to do for my Baylee and also another dog in this contest so i will switch back and forth on voting for you
Maria R.
Maria R. Hi! I can do more than 10 if your interested and can return as well. But I can do the 10 daily until competition ends in exchange for the same.
Leilani P.
Leilani P. yeah we can do the 10 Dailey!!!
Heather B.
Heather B. Good luck Baylie!!!! She so precious and i loved getting to cuddle her!!!
Leilani P.
Leilani P. thank you so much!
Hafsa S.
Hafsa S. bailey is soooooooo cute!
Leilani P.
Leilani P. thank you
Leilani P.
Leilani P. thank you everyone for your support for bailey. she appreciates it very much