Contest over
Dipstick finished 1887th in the Dog’s contest which ended 3 years ago.


White, Dog breed, Toy, Wood, Dog, Working Animal, Carnivore, Companion dog, Fawn, Hardwood, Snout, Tail, Wood Stain, Pattern, Laminate Flooring, Dalmatian
Wood, Art, Sculpture, Hardwood, Statue, Visual Arts, Working Animal, Metal, Wood Stain, Machine, Room, Carving, Tree, Landscape, Rock, Plywood, Canidae, Pattern
Shoe, Leg, Wood, Fashion, Textile, Sunglasses, Interior Design, Thigh, Pink, Material Property, Sneakers, Hardwood, Wood Stain, Pattern, Human Leg, Room, Foot, Eyewear
Brown, Outerwear, Wood, Sleeve, Grey, Art, Sculpture, Denim, Hardwood, Personal Protective Equipment, Metal, Auto Part, Wood Stain, Tree, Carving, Leather, Paper, Sitting, Statue, Visual Arts


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Desiree P.
Desiree P. Adorable I love the name 😊