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Husky · New York

91st World and 4th New York ranking in the Dog's contest which ended 3 years ago.
Prize won: 1000 votes
65 €

Azul is a 3 month old Pomsky who loves playing outside, going on car rides and going to the beach, he is very energetic and loves cuddling.



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Mckennaguenther So adorable! If you want we could help each other out and vote exchange a vote :)
Jennifer F.
Jennifer F. Look at my dog. Most beautiful dog you’ll ever see.
Lunarae T.
Lunarae T. Please send a vote for my little human @Lunarae, one free vote or any votes will be appreciated— will return votes when needed !! 💖💕🥺 This is now her second contest! We’re trying to race to first in the US ! We don’t have enough family/ friends that can vote, so any votes will be much appreciated ! Thank you sincerely in advance
Mary Stout
Mary Stout How adorable
Mary Stout
Mary Stout I LOVE cuddly dogs
Nicole T.
Nicole T. Your baby boy is so beautiful!!💙 Would you be interested in doing some vote trades?