Nico The Pup, dog pitt bull terrier - Pet Photo Contest
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Nico The Pup

Pitt Bull Terrier · Ewing Township

533rd World and 17th New Jersey ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended 10 days ago.
6 €

Hi ! I’m Nico I’m 4 months old and I love my mom and dad ! They have been taking care of me since I was 6 weeks old. I love when they take me for walks and feed me my favorite treats, it just makes me bounce off the walls (literally). I’m very friendly and love to cuddle. Please vote for me 💙



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Rocky Boy
Rocky Boy Rock And Skyy Nico is gorgeous❣️Would you be interested in exchanging votes with us? We can do a 10 for 10 if you’d like let me know thank you 😊 and good luck💞
Nicole B.
Nicole B. You’ve got a vote from us ! 💕☺️
Rocky Boy
Rocky Boy 5 votes in for Nico 9/23🐾💚🐾