Ragnar, dog mixed breed - Pet Photo Contest
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Mixed breed · League City

233rd World and 11th Texas ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended 8 days ago.

Ragnar is a Texas wolfdog; mixed with Timberwolf, Husky, Shepherd and Malamute. He enjoys going on walks and car rides! This gentle giant loves to make other doggie friends and hogs half the bed at night. Please give this handsome boy your vote!



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Stéphanie B.
Stéphanie B. Chipie bonjour echange 10 votes par jours
Paloma E.
Paloma E. Congrats Ragnar & Lacey! Is this the first time do you won? do have any experience in this kind contest kingpet?
Chris C.
Chris C. Echange de voteshttps://www.baybee.fr/bebe/6325741148180029-Clment/vote/438/
Océane B.
Océane B. I'm advancing votes, are you interested? They will be due when Swanah 🎀 will be in competition again, I think no more November or December, the date will be defined later 😊 Can I suggest 200, 300 or 400 votes? Thanks in advance Ps: answer me, on my wall
Kat B.
Kat B. How do you do the vote exchange I’m new and don’t really know how this works but I’d want to do the vote exchange with you !
Lacey R.
Lacey R. Hi! Does that mean we just vote on each other’s photo?