Ziggy, dog mixed breed - Pet Photo Contest
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Mixed breed · Rockland

707th World and 12th Massachusetts ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended a month ago.

Ziggy Stardust is my snaggle-toothed love monster. He enjoys spooning, treats and going to mom’s work (I work at a doggie daycare so he gets to play with all his friends). He dislikes when mom tries to go anywhere without him, when mom pays attention to other dogs instead of him and when he has to w...



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Neta H.
Neta H. Hey there! I was wondering if you could get me some votes? If you would like to i can post you on the app "ZooPix" which is a app that alot of animals are on and i can post you on there with a link to go to your account on here and vote! Its okay if you dont wanna do this