Shelby Lynn, dog basset hound - Pet Photo Contest
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Shelby Lynn

Basset Hound · Ephrata

Currently winning:
$300 + 400 votes

Shelby is now 5 months old! Time flies. She's such a cuddle bug! Loves her sisters Bristol & Koko. And really loves chewing on sticks! 🙄 she's growing like a weed she's 28lbs now. She also loves being in this contest 😊🥰



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Stéphanie B.
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Melissa S.
Melissa S. Awwwww she is very sweet beautiful girl
Chris G.
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Rebecca M.
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Paul G.
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Kiley S.
Kiley S. Aw! She is soo cute!! I love her ears!!
Jennifer F.
Jennifer F. She is Beautiful! Did you see my maxwelll, he is 5 months and he is very handsome
Khloe R.
Khloe R. GO SHELBY!!!❤️
Rebecca M.
Rebecca M. Thanks Khloe!!! 🥰