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Australian Shepherd · Clarence Center

3rd World and 3rd New York ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended 2 months ago.
Prizes won: $500 + 150 votes
1877 €

Filly is a 7 week old blue eyed black tri mini Aussie registered with the ASDR and loves to use her balance cushion as a trampoline & boss her brother around ❤️ @frecklesandfilly @starstruck.ranch my grandpa’s a service dog ❤️



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Nolwenn G.
Nolwenn G. Échange de vote ? Marlonne
Susan B.
Susan B. They’re eyes are just beautiful 😍
Rita S.
Rita S. Ghjuvan-santu hello, are you interested in a voting advance? we can advance 100 votes per day. she would be due in December. thank you for your positive or negative response.
Océane B.
Océane B. I'm advancing votes, are you interested? They will be due when Swanah 🎀 will be in competition again from November 18, 2021 😊 Can I suggest 200, 300 or 400 votes? thanks in advance Ps: answer me, on my wall giving me the number of votes you want and don't forget to leave me your link thank you: D
Leslie B.
Leslie B. Her aptitude testing came back 90% success probability for service & therapy, and just below that for facility work!! She’s a keeper ❤️🥰
Gwenola Lucas
Gwenola Lucas I am looking to make an advance of votes for a rendering in the month of decembre Salto
Deanna N Angel B.
Deanna N Angel B. So cute!!!
Deanna N Angel B.
Deanna N Angel B. My little guys use the Bosu ball and launch themselves onto the couches