Ruby, dog rottweiler - Dog and Cat Photo Contest
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Rottweiler · Grass Valley

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Ruby has a big personality she is very smart learns new tricks fast. Love to go out on walks. She Loves the snow likes to catch and eat snow balls. She is very social loves people kids other dogs and cats. Loves to open her Christmas gifts. Loves to play with toys. Pup cups her delicious treats. Alw...



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Lilly A.
Lilly A. Ugh ruby is the cutest thing ever 😭💕 those Lil bb eyebrows I'm so in love
Misty S.
Misty S. Thank you she is a cutie and full of personality
Paul G.
Paul G. Hello, would you agree to give me an advance until 20/01 for my dog ​​who is currently first? If ok, please put an advance post directly on the wall at Onyx
Eni E
Eni E
Eni E Exchange 10xday?
Mary C.
Mary C. Vote exchange? I can do 10 a night..😁🐾🐾
Mary C.
Mary C. 10 votes in on 1/7
Mary C.
Mary C. 10 votes in on 1/8
Cheryl R.
Cheryl R. Hello post échange for Luna
Misty S.
Misty S. Yes
Candice H.
Candice H. Love this 🐕