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Saint-Bernard · Gretna

163rd World and 3rd Nebraska ranking in the Dog's contest which ended 14 days ago.
Prize won: 300 votes

Brady likes to sleep on his couch, bark at the neighbor dogs and beg for treats! He is a 175lb Saint Bernard that’s full of love drool. If you don’t give him belly rubs he will be sad.



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Skyler D.
Skyler D. Brandy is Beautiful 💖Are you interested in a advance in votes to be returned in June/July during Skylers next contest?? Skyler
Germo O.
Germo O. Handsome
Valérie A.
Valérie A. 🐾Hello 🐾 . I'm Lascar, the old disabled dog who competes until next Thursday to reach....maybe... to make a small donation to the Society for the Protection of Animals 🇫🇷. Would it be possible for you to give me a nice advance of votes, please, that my team will gladly return to you during one of your next competitions? Thank you for keeping me informed on my wall, please😉🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰. Do not start voting, please, without me having seen and confirmed your comment on my wall😉. Wa wa wa (=good day!☺️) 🐕 Lascar