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Cane Corso · Sacramento

Contest over
646th World and 23rd California ranking in the Dog's contest which ended 6 days ago.

Im a 5month old cane corso . But u cant put a age on my blue beauty. When u look at me u will have finally seen the ang they call Heaven .. check your pulse, your still alive..!! [@] LoL 😆 😂 🤣



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Sandra C.
Sandra C. Sent over 10 today for your beautiful heaven.
Sandra C.
Sandra C. Lol i love your story... want to tade 10 for 10? Heaven is so cute..
Lazi E.
Lazi E. Shure lets colab thanks . Do u have a kennel page?
Sandra C.
Sandra C. No i dont
Chantel F.
Chantel F. Omg your dog is so cute! He looks so blue lol