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1731st World and 26th Arkansas ranking in the Dog's contest which ended a year ago.
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Dog, Carnivore, Companion dog, Road Surface, Dog breed, Asphalt, Whiskers, Toy Dog, Fence, Herding Dog, Furry friends, Street dog, Working Dog, Canidae, Terrestrial Animal, Shadow, Paw, Terrier, Ancient Dog Breeds
Carnivore, Felidae, Comfort, Cat, Dog breed, Terrestrial Animal, Tail, Small To Medium-sized Cats, Furry friends, Brick, Wood, Whiskers, Pattern, Brickwork, Foot, Building Material, Claw, Mortar, Paw
Dog, Dog breed, Carnivore, Companion dog, Snout, Whiskers, Terrier, Furry friends, Toy Dog, Small Terrier, Street dog, Canidae, Working Dog, Working Animal, Ancient Dog Breeds, Terrestrial Animal, Puppy love, Soil


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