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Cane Corso · Pittsburgh

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Hank is our 4 1/2 month Cane Corso. He is so sweet, loving and intelligent! He absolutely LOVES people, especially his momma! This is him when his momma was saying good bye as she left for work…. Please cast your vote and so him some love!



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Gianna S.
Gianna S. Your fur baby is adorable !! 🥰 Welcome to KingPet!! As an ambassador I’m sharing code ✨ A3165 ✨ to get started for 1,000 votes ‼️🤩 To enter code — click on the settings button over in the top right corner > “My Profile” > Scroll to “Referred By” & enter code ✨ A3165 🤍 You’ll be able to redeem them right away !! Go to Vote > Achievements ✅ 1,000 Votes ⚠️ This is ONLY for new members, during the first 3 days of sign up — this unlocks the “Well Advised” achievement! Best of Luck to Hank 🐶 🍀 🥰 If you need help redeeming or have questions, feel free to ask!