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1400 votes
9th World and 1st North Carolina ranking in the Dog's contest which ended 2 days ago.
Prizes won: $300 + 1000 votes
495 €

Sage is a herder,service,agility and a riot! She loves big sticks,going to work with mom, and toughest doggie bones,and splashing in the pool.



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Abbie A.
Abbie A. cute!!! vote for vote? Kira would be amazing to see a XL bully win after how the media has portrayed these beautiful dogs the last year❤️
Brittany G.
Brittany G. Hi, would you like a small advance to be returned in june? Let me know on grimms page Grimm
Floriane Chama Wok
Floriane Chama Wok Bonjour voulez vous une avance de votes a rendre fin mars début avril pour Matou
Jean Claude B.
Jean Claude B. Sorry ! She :)
Jean Claude B.
Jean Claude B. I love his great big HAPPY smile ! It shows how much he loves life and undeniable proof of YOUR love and caring.
Jessica K.
Jessica K. Hey! Would you like to exchange 10 votes a day with Kye?💚
Tanyapayne Please help vote for my most awesome little baby boy Chop