Carnivore, Dog breed, Whiskers, Fawn, Wood, Companion dog, Snout, Paint, Art, Toy, Working Animal, Tail, Rodent, Paw, Pet Supply, Rat, Electric Blue, Claw, Hardwood


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730th World and 29th Florida ranking in the Dog's contest which ended 15 days ago.

Alex is the sweetest dog ever. He is a professional emotional support aminal. He loves to play and snuggle.



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Kenny K.
Kenny K. Marlana ✨WeLCoME 🤗 since you are NEW here! If you click on settings at the top right corner then, “my profile” and then “r e f e r r e d by” it will give 150 FREE VOTES. Please email me at( or message (Rachael O Oguonigho) on Facebook Messenger/Instagram for instructions or the code✨. YOU must be a NEW entry and be in current contest (3 DAYS or LESS )to qualify Need help? I’m here for you, and it's all completely FREE!
Kenny K.
Kenny K. So adorable 🥰 you can claim Alex his 150 votes! It’s totally free to use for him🎁
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Carnivore, Dog breed, Whiskers, Fawn, Wood, Companion dog, Snout, Paint, Art, Toy, Working Animal, Tail, Rodent, Paw, Pet Supply, Rat, Electric Blue, Claw, Hardwood