Baby Rizzo
Bella is a cheeky sprocker, 10 weeks old. She loves stealing socks and having zoomies round the garden. Her favorite toys are tennis balls and enjoys chasing them around the garden for hours followed my a nap snuggled with mum and dad ❤️🐶
Merlin is a gentle soul that brings big laugher, love and fun to our small family every day.
This is muma's sweet baby girl ! Very gentle , loves children enjoys cuddles and her food !
Shes very shy and she was mistreated by her last family I adopted her and know she’s lives like a queen with me and her baby sister she also defends me when my boyfriend tickles me and i scream she bites him i love her so much
Minnie is a very playful cat she’s always doing something she’s not supposed to but i love her with my whole heart
Daisy is a 3 year old springer spaniel, she loves mum, dad and her tennis balls ... ohh not forgetting her teddys! She has character she is funny and can give quite a concerning side eye 🤣🤣 she also loves her sister bo, and 2 big brothers oscar & bruce! 👀 She will show anyone love but watch out if you don't like dog hair its too late because daisy will jump up and hug your leg as shes full of affection.
Goerge is so sweet and loving
Bambi is a shy boy who loves playing with his brother bruno.
Bruno is a good boy he loves sitting outside on the porch like and older man. 🥰
Ziggy is such a good boy. He loves playing with his cat sisters and he loves his bunny brothers. Ziggy loves playing in water and running around.
Shadow is moms protector. She loves following mom around and laying in the window.
Houston is a very laid back baby. She loves to play with her sister and dog brother Ziggy.
Arcadia is just such a cutie and gives the best cuddles ever.
Shadowfax was found at my place of work a year ago when someone had dumped her on our yard, wasn’t chipped and no one claimed her so we caught her by using chicken and now she rules the household.
In contest starting May 20th. Just ask for any exchanges💜 Thank you for all votes, they are going toward the kitties and their owner's healthcare bills. Remind me about advances 2-3 days before they are due back to you please. VOTES ARE COMING FROM 2 ACCOUNTS JOYCE M AND CARISA W. IF WE ARE EXCHANGING VOTES PLEASE MAKE SURE TO POST YOUR LINK TO OUR PAGE AND BE HONEST DON'T WASTE MY TIME WHEN I DON'T WASTE YOURS. I CAN NOT VOTE WITHOUT YOUR LINK. IF YOU HAVE A TEAM VOTING PLEASE LIST WHO VOTED THAT DAY SO I KNOW VOTES ARE BEING RETURNED. WHEN YOU'RE CONTEST IS OVER PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU ENTER A NEW ONE OR ARE DONE EXCHANGING PLEASE. IF MY VOTES DON'T SHOW I PROMISE I AM HONEST AND VOTE THE WHOLE 10 PLEASE LET ME KNOW KINDLY AND I WILL VOTE AGAIN IF IT ALLOWS ME Eowyn was found in the woods with her 3 sisters and 1 brother along with a veteran. Momma kitty didn't want anything to do with her babies so they were all bottle babies. She was rescued with her siblings by an adoption group and welcomed with open arms to our family with her sister, Rosie. If Eowyn wins it will be used toward her and her sisters' vet bills.
Loves sniffy walks, doggy ice cream and cuddles
Tank loves to snuggle. He loves catnip and his toys. He is a kitten so he's a little high strung lol. He's a big baby. We love him!
Nolah is pit terrier mixed female i just ADOPTED from tha shelter on May 8th she is loveable and scared but she is getting better wants to cuddle and chew everything 😂
Benson is a charming boy with lots of personality, he can be a little shy.
He is an 8month old puppy with boundless energy and with a very calm and happy personality although can be rather cheeky
She is a very Sassy girl also very cheeky.
Zen is super cuddley cat when she wants to be but somedays she just wants to find a cozy spot in front of the windown and take in the fresh air
Margo is a very loving cat. She follows me all around my house no matter where im going. She loves anyone that comes over. She loves laying on my lap at any given time. Her favorite snack is Temptations.
Mr kitty is my name handsome as I am, I’m curious happy fun loving spunky kitty even at the age of 15 I enjoy my cat toys and string, Being a ginger kitty I am full of sass and energy I enjoy long naps and treats. I love to entertain my family with my singing and performances at wee in the morning. I am loved by everyone I meet.So I am pleased to someday meet you.
She was a rescue she was abuse almost die she was 1/2 pound she loves I became very protected dog overy baby male Brooky she loves to go for walks and watches dogs movies Lovrd her veggies chicken and she very sweet she be 2 years in May 30
She likes to play hide and seek. It's the cutest.
Sugar is our special needs Albino Frenchie. She hears with her heart and not her ears. She enjoys cuddling with her family. She loves dancing and doing zoomies. She welcomes meeting new people and making them smile with her. She also likes watching T.V. with her Daddy.
The most sweetest and cutest but will bite! bewareeee of the cuteness overload!
Oppie Oppenheimer
Oppie loves to Dance, walks, and he doggy talks, he LOVES WOMAN.
Betty And Bella
Betty on the right. is nearly we had after my other cat dies four years ago then we got Bella to keep Betty company and thay don’t leave each others side
Micha is full of energy & is always ready to play,, he is very vocal in letting you know when he wants something,, Micha loves to be held like a baby & cuddled, He is witty,smart,fun & very lovable
ChiChi was saved from a home with a hyperactive toddler but she's still one herself. She loves to play but hates the outdoors! She's made a household of 2 become a family of 3. She is a bengal mixed with domestic.
My names jetjet, i love string more then any other toy i lvoe playing outside i let him to run and play if he was the winner hes get lots of toys and stock up on treats and food and more treats plus take him to do check ups ans keep me healthy wed be ever so greatfull and i would donate to animals in need💜
Angelica Hope
Angelica Hope is full of life, she loves to play, run outside with the blowing through her hair, she loves cuddles & loves to give kisses
Baby Spice is 3 months old she is a rescue baby she loves to play with her big sister Sugar
Hi I’m Hazel I am a recent cancer survivor and I am your most favorite sassy, lovable pirate. I love to model, bask in the sun, go on walks, and provide fluffy cuddles 💟 I’m still as sassy as ever and won’t let dumb cancer ever slow me down!
Shes a madam ,prawns must be served daily my servent !
Hi im Willow and having good fun i love running in long grass and cooling my belly down. Im a fussy eater but mum always get me foid i luke thank god.
Zoe is around 14 years old she is a semi retired service dog. She was always able to tell when mom was going to have a seizure and would push her against a wall or counter to help her slide to the floor or keep her down if she was already down. Now she is mostly emotional support.
Peep Peep
Peep peep is 15 years old and he is super friendly and loves but pats
Zander is a recent adoption by us. He was a stray that followed Zoe and I home one evening while we were walking. He showed immediate affection to Zoe and would not leave her, to the point that I had to pick him up and carry him the rest of the way. He has been very affectionate from the first. He was pretty sick when he came to us, but he behaved very well his first time at the vet and let me give him his medicine.
Friendliest dog on the planet loves everyone
Zarabeth is loving and affectionate. She was adopted from our Veterinary Hospital, she was abandoned by her mother but adopted by another female cat with kittens.
Adopted her from an animal shelter when she was 6 months old and she’s the sweetest cat ever.
This is ezmay she enjoys food, screaming at you for more food. And after that more. She loves whipped cream, Parmesan cheese and cucumber.