Benji the banjo. He LOVES to give all the cuddles and kisses. Such a lover boy
Stitch is a crazy, fun,loving kitten that loves to play and lovessss to eat treats lol( named him stitch for a reason lol)
He is a climber and jumper! Bruno can get anywhere. You look up. Boom! He is there. He has a gift. And also very loud vocal chords! Sings like an Angel. A tone deaf Angel. Lol. But he is mine and I love him.
Sadie Price
Sadie is such a sweet, fun & lovable girl. She LOVES belly rubs, & to play with every single toy she has. She loves to play outside, bark at neighbors walking their dogs, treats, and most of all, SNUGGLES ♥️♥️
We adopted this beautiful girl in February 2022. She is blind but she doesn't let that stop her from living a full life. We call her a French Bullpig because she snorts all day long. She's such a goofball, always spinning in circles, doing silly stretches and making everyone laugh. She is the most loving and cuddly dog I've ever had. We love her dearly. Oink!
Hi I’m Bruno I’m a 8 week old mini Australian Shepard and I love to run around and swim in my water dish ❤️
Ember has been in my life since she was a year old, she loves to snuggle and give kisses. She loves to follow me around, hated it when im away from her for more than 2 minutes. Please vote for my baby girl.
Eva is a sweetest kitty, she loves cuddles and playing with springs
⭐️ Advances available, to be returned Jan 2023 ⭐️. 🛑NO EXCHANGES🛑. We are taking a break, but will be here returning votes and gifting 🎁. 😽 I appreciate each and every one of you 😽. 🛑 Please like this page 🥳. Tesla is the queen 👑. She is 1 year old (D.O.B.7/26/21), and she is a BIG girl. She loves to play fetch and peekaboo, but hide and seek is her favorite. (Update: she is now an excellent soccer player, and she is working on catch 😻). She is very vocal, she likes to talk back, and she is SUPER SASSY. She is a handful, but she is a sweetie pie and we LOVE her 🐈‍⬛🐾. Thank you for visiting , and of course for your votes 🐈‍⬛. Oh yeah, and please like this page 😉🐾.
Well I like to think I’m the best cat my parents have, I love to please my parents but it comes easy when your other fur siblings are so naughty. My hobbies include napping, eating and watching cat tv.
Nala is my emotional support dog. She loves to smile, go on walks and laze around the house. She loves treats and scratches, and no matter what she’s always by my side.
Gomez loves to play with his toy mice and catnip. He's a lovable and adorable. You should vote for Gomez because you will never find a cat like him and he is the best cat in the world
Jersey loves to play and cuddle! She’s very skittish but soo calm. We also love her little snaggle-tooth (you can’t see in photo😔)
Scooby love to be sassy! Talks back constantly and loves his food and cuddles!❤️
Cedar is a Chocolate Mini Heeler. He’s very playful and energetic. He like’s car rides and sticking his head out of the window. He’s crazy for pup cups. And loves to play with your hands and ankles. His favorite chew toy is antlers. He likes sweet tea from a lid. Belly rubs and butt scratch’s are his go to. He speaks his mind when spoken to. He likes to cuddle but not to be cuddled. He eats bugs. And sleeps in fire pits.
Chance has been my dog since I was a little girl he is 9y/o and very strong and smart!
My lil guy here has survived 2 fires when we were homeless. I found him as a stray kitten 4yrs ago. I recently went thru a very traumatic experience n when nobody was there he was there for me n every tear I shed.. I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. He’s my hero
A three year old heeler whose to smart for her own good. An amazing service dog to her handler and has heen a wonderful addition to the family. Loves anything chiken flavor and falling asleep in the weirdest positions
Milo is my best buddy. He likes to play with his toys and gets excited when you say hungry or snacks. A very sweet boy to his family and pet buddies ❤️
Sir Groot
Well he is the cutest boy ever, and he loves going for walks to say Hi to all the neighbors, he loves to play ball and snuggle... Plus his little personality is something else, melts me love him so bunches ❤️
Catfrey Dahmer Aka Blue
She loves to cuddles catnip is her favorite her treats and she is just fun to be around
Panda is a very loving cat and he is different from any other I guess I say that cause he is mine.... Panda lives hair ties and he is amazing living playful irritating and all of the above
Mr Stud
Mr stud or also called Mr man is a rambunctious kitty with a whole lot of personality. He loves to chase his sisters around and stealing their treats! He’s a sweet boy with a big heart! His favorite thing to do is snuggle with his sister Aubrey!
She very loving
Bruno is our little watch dog, he likes to show everyone that he is the boss . Sweet boy, loves to lay outside in the sunshine and go for walks. Loves to snuggle up on your lap next to the campfire❤️
Bella is such a sweet girl, she is 90lbs and thinks she is a lap dog. Loves to be outside and go for walks and play frisbee. Couldn’t ask for a better dog. Love our sweet Bella ❤️
Aubrey is sweet loving girl. Anytime she gets pets she covers her face because shes so bashful lol. She never turns down love tho ! She loves playing with her kitty siblings and rolling in nip. Her favorite thing to do is playing fish on a stick with her momma!
Maka loves To give you kisses. He is a sweet boy that I rescued a long time ago and has been with me for many years.
My sasha is one of the most loving, cuddly dogs you’ll ever meet her favorite thing to do is cuddle once those light’s go off she’ll use her nose to lift the blankets up and she’ll bury herself deep under them.
Hi my name is bocelli i am a Ragdoll cat I am named after the famous opera singer Andrea bocelli I like to play fetch with my family and love to go for walks on the lead my favourite thing to do is to climbing the walls and annoy my brother barry the greyhound x
Peanut came home as a feral and he became the sweetest cat ever, he is my baby, loves the outdoors and talks to us, he is a ray of sun every morning
Tai Leung Takata Bride
From spicy chips to cheese itz he loves some snacks. He drinks from the sink and loves to go for his leash walks regularly. He loves the out doors and the occasional cat nip fun !
My nickname is Dakotacane. I’m a little hurricane.
Hex is lets just say different when he was a baby he loved going for car rides in moms coat now he likes spending his days thinking he's actually a dog playing fetch with his mouse toys when he's not sleeping that is after spending his nights thinking he is a panther running and chasing the deer that live behind our house and sometimes likes to leave presents from his hunting on the front porch for someone to find(step on🤬) in the morning.
Jonny is thinking about what mischief and havoc he can create in a day.
Bella was a pound baby, we adopted her when she was about 9 months old. She is a lazy loveable house cat with a attitude but she hides it behind them cute little eyes. She loves her belly rubs and her toys i crochet for her. She has a doggy borther and sister that she messes with all the time. She loves sleeping with mommy and daddy under the warm blankets but puts her claws out mommys back every chance she gets. But shes mommys girl to the fullest.
Pumpkin was raised with 3 pit bulls from a kitten. This golden boy was raised to be tough and isn’t scared of anything.
Nana came to me as a foster with her 4 baby kittens. Nana has since been spayed and found a loving home. Nana was an amazing and very attentive mother
Saffron is a fun loving cat. He loves to meet people, loves to play hide n seek and tag. Saffron enjoys taking naps and having treats.
Tuesday is our rescue kitty she has had it rough but she is a tough girl. She likes naps and playing with the dog.
Milo is literally the sweetest animal ever. he will love on you all day. he absolutely loves getting pets on his neck but sometimes if you touch his stomach he will bite😂 but he’s literally my bestfriend in animal form🫶
Princess Izzy May
Izzy is a loving Dog she loves to be outside with her Dad 24/7, she loves all the attention she gets from anyone, she loves to play, loves treats, cuddle when she feels like it she also loves to sleep
He’s my baby boy!! He loves his toys treats and his mommy!!
Oliver William
Oliver william is a black cat that enjoys being funny and loves to rest. Hes a quiet shy boy and sometimesoves to lay in the sun
I enjoy car rides, walking on my leash, playing in water… I’m basically a dog and my Mom loves it.
She likes to watch the KC chief's play football with her momma and go on road trips. Like's to have her tummy rubbed and chase squrille's up the trees.
He loves to play ball. He will sit and pray or ask please. And loves sleeping
Charley Mae
Charley Mae is a black lab. She is sweet and goofy. She loves blankets,pillows and stuffed animals. She is between 4 to 5 years old.