Dog cat Stories


My name is Titus and I am a 12 year old Pug. My humans rescued me when I was 6 years old and ever since then I have had a blast annoying my brother and sister Blu and Chloe; getting all the cuddles I can from my kid humans; being spoiled by the humans that I call grandma and grandpa; and snoring right in mom and dad's ear while they are trying to sleep. I am getting older and older by the day; but the only thing that has deteriorated is my eye sight. I am pretty much completely blind now; but in no way does that slow me down. I have just as much energy as ever and get around just fine. If I'm not napping I'm chewing on a bone or looking for Blu and Chloe so I can pick on them. Like Blu and Chloe; I enjoy going to the lake and the river. I will only get in the water at the lake though. Moving water like the river just is NOT for me. The only time you won't see me trying to pick on Blu and Chloe during play time is when we are at the river. You will find them in the water and me sun bathing.
Shes is the most loving little dog ever
Meet Mochi, a male kitten who lives life to the max! The most loving cat anyone could wish for. A very playful boy who loves his food and his humans, without fail will snugg his Mumma every night before bed. He chats in conversation and adores his sister Pepper!
My name is Chloe. I am 4 years old and just like my toddler humans I run the show. My humans rescued me when I was 1 and I came from a family who spoke Spanish rather than English. My humans were told "I'm sorry. She's rude." When they were handed my leash to take me home. I very quickly learned English and now I am bilingual! I also worked very hard to very quickly change my bad habits and have excellent behavior; within just a month all of my serious behavior issues were no longer an issue for me; and I continue to make leaps and bounds every single day in retaining what I learn from my humans. I love to be center of attention and I literally talk back to my humans. They have to let other humans know that I love to talk and get people's attention otherwise they think I'm being a bully. Other than making sure everyone knows I'm the queen bee; I love kids; cuddles; annoying my boyfriend Blu; and playing in rivers and lakes!
My sweet baby just passed away a week and a half ago. She was my late hubbys cat. He got her at 6 weeks old. She was in my life 11 years. Called her cat dog. Had more of a dog personality. Loved car rides, the water, & her fav foods were chicken & string cheese
Supes was a sweet cat when first got her. She turned into a mean cat after my granddaughter started dragging her around. She loves to mess with her older brother dexter.
My name is Blu and I am a 6 year old Weimaraner/Blue Nose Pitt mix. Sometimes people ask my humans if I have cyote in me but they are pretty sure the answer is no. My humans rescued me when I was about 6 months old. My original name was Sammy; but the day that my human momma brought me home everyone kept calling me Blu at first sight; so that became my name. I very quickly became very attached to my human dad and followed him literally EVERYWHERE. I strive to bring my humans joy and sometimes get separation anxiety if they have to leave me alone; but if I know they are home I sometimes take a timeout and find a corner to spend some alone time in when I get overwhelmed by my girlfriend Chloe. She can be a handful. I love just being a doggo. I will entertain myself for hours by throwing toys in the air and catching them; running; running with a stick in my mouth; or napping. I love being near my humans and going to the river or the lake with them and my girlfriend Chloe.
Gucci is so adorable and lovely and she is one of the calm cats i could ever have .Very playful, friendly and well mannered.
Thurston Aka Turdie
Thurston is one of a litter of 4 gingers that ee rescued in 2017. He is super sweet, super, silly and a super little turd! His original nickname was Thursty but because his purrsonality is so mischievous and he's such a little turd,he became known as Turdle or Turdie. He's my snuggle bunny and lives for belly rubs! He loves his fruits and veggies, too! Bananas and melons are his favorite.
Elton is the reason someone came up with the phrase scaredy-cat. He’s a big boy though with the sweetest & gentlest spirit!
Whitney is the smart & spunky adventurous one. She’s always trying to investigate things whether it’s a cardboard box or the bubbles in a cup of soda
Wilma is our sweet & sassy fireball! She loves her springy toys & chasing her own tail
Casey loves treats especially people food! He behaves more like a dog at times yet he’ll purr with delight with a little head rub
Louis is 12 weeks old and he is a french bulldog cross boxer. He loves nothing more than running around like a looney toon then having cuddles.
I'm Raider, I'm one and a half years old. I love all kinds of toys and cuddling with my mom. I love to do tricks for treats and get puppuccinos
Ranger is a greatdane mixed with alaskan husky! He loves to play, he loves being loved on
Jagger is very vocal and loves to sing along with me. He lives up to his name (Mick Jagger)....
Hello everyone💓 I'd like for ya'll to meet Ms. Zara 🌸 my babygirl is mixed. She loves to run around and loves following mommy (me) around the whole house. She enjoys sleeping alot playing with her little toys , zara is a fiesty sassy little one🐱💓
Seala is a playful and loving kitten. She like to play and she even plays fetch. It is super fun. She loves to follow people, especially her mom around and lay on our laps. She changes her mood a lot to lovably then playful and wanting to bite. She is a very sweet cat and acts like a cat sometimes. Please vote for Seala. We would really appreciate it. Thank you.
Kitler is very important to our family, he loves to chase you throughout the house with his favorite fish toy! He loves his nap time& to adventure outdoors. Absolutely loves loves wet can food, but he mainly get dry. He love shrimp & chicken!! He loves new toy's & loves whip cream. Thank you for your vote!
Smoky Joe
Smoky joe is a senior rescue dog he is 13 years old a long haired chihuahua papillon mix he is very sweet loving affectionate, high spirited , a happy dog spoiled loves his mama loves to cuddle and give hugs and kisses and loves tennis balls , my dog is family he is my emotional support dog he is my best friend I don’t know who rescuesd who he stoled my heart from the first day I got him , I wouldn’t trade him for any thing momey could buy
Sleepy loves to play outside and get attention.
Energetic fun and loving Vizsla Loves to be around people and loves to be around other dogs
Heineken is a lab and healer mix. When he was a puppy he suffered from parvo 🥺but he’s healed from that and is such an energetic baby boy!!
Boots is very lovey-dovey!
Snuggles is the most laid back cat i have (I have 7)
King is a handsome little fella who loves to go bye bye and loves his toys but he is definitely our baby and very spoiled..he loves to play with titus and blu and he acts like he is a big dog 🐕 loves to.try to keep up.with clohe and takes all the toys feom everyone but clohe
Sven is my service dog for injuries from over 20 years in the military. He is my companion and would do anything for me. This would be a great platform to spread the word about Service dogs her in WNY. Couldn’t have asked for a better battle buddy, or the Veterans Organization that got him trained to work with me WNYHeroes/Pawsitive for Heroes definitely changed my life for the better when I was in a very low place. Let’s grow the awareness of our Service Dog programs
Linky is a 1 year old snow bengal, who was needing a new home at 5 weeks due to a forest fire where he was born. He now runs the house and owns the dog!!( the dog is 9 )lol He thinks he's a panther and requires daily outings, he LOVES the snow and his churu!!! He has quite the personality, from cougar to total momma's boy and the world is his!!!
Nash loves his walks and he really loves the cold weather and snow! Also, one really cool thing about Nash is he’s fascinated by deer! He’s in awe of them and can watch them for hours. He loves deer! He also loves his best friend Memphis my cat 💕
Graycie is a very happy little girl who likes to play and sleep
Brownie is the ultimate love bug. She loves affection. In the last year she's started getting bigger.
T2 is another cat I rescued as a kitten he is 2 years old and loves the outdoors.
VOTE FOR ME!!! I'm a lovable 7 yr. old Swiss Shepherd from Milwaukee Wisconsin. I love taking my humans on nightly walks in the park and chatting with my chipmunk friends in my yard. Vote Daizy!
Bruce is a 2 year old 100lb husky/Lab puppy with the heart of gold and the need for attention like a new born! He loves his rope, bones and baths! Hes exteemely jealous of any attention that is not his but he gets all the attention anyway lol! Bruce enjoys long walks and free roaming the beach after a solid car ride while he just sits and stares at me with his tongue out (always) lol! His fur is soft like chinchilla and amber color eyes! Most loving dog ever
Say hello to Joy. Joy is said to be sharpei mixed and around 9 years old. Joys story hasn't always been a happy one. Joy was found laying in a ditch almost dead. She was severely imaciated, and had mites so bad almost all of her hair was falling out and she was covered in bloody scabs. I work at the Humane Society in my hometown. Joy was brought to us finally 4 days after we originally herd about her. I had been looking for her myself. Upon intake my coworkers took her to our local vet to have her evaluated. Although very weak and malnourished she let us know she wasn't ready to go out that way. We took her back to the shelter started her on antibiotics and slowly started her journey of weight gain. She gets 4 small meals a day, on top of her meds, and 2 medicated bath a week. Joy continues to get stronger and healthier everyday. Even with everything she has been through. Her previous owners just dumping her like trash all the sores and pokes and meds. She never once has stopped wagging her tail! Joy continues to fight and we will continue to fight for her as well. She is the sweetest dog I have ever met. She deserves the best and that's what were striving to get for her!! Thank you for reading her story. I see nothing but happy ending for her future!
Energetic loving my best friend and loves to cuddle
We rescued scotch at a humane society. He was a young kitten and we’ve had him for a little after 6 years. He loves his ears rubbed.
He has a very caring and spunky personality.
She likes to run laps around our yard and playing in the snow!
Cody is a 3 year old Mini Bernadoodle who lives in New England! He was born on February 27th 2018. Cody loves lots of snuggles, walks, hikes, treats, belly rubs, tug of war, playing in the snow, playing with of dogs, and boat rides!! VOTE FOR CODY!!🐶🐾
Help us welcome our newest addition Copper to our family and vote for him!
Zip is a very well behaved dog. He has been to obedience school when he was 6 months old to a year and a half old. He likes to play ball He loves his stuffed animal squeaky toys. He loves going to the barn and interact with our horses. He loves to chase cats He loves to play with other dogs. He definitely lets you know what he wants like a treat or a trip outside for potty time or playtime! He is so very smart and so lovable!!
Finn is a F1B Mini Bernadoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle) who lives in Boston, Massachusetts. He was born on September 22, 2021 and is only 16 weeks! He loves treats, toys, people, playing with dogs, lots of belly rubs, and affection! Vote for this super cute puppy! 💗🐾
Ava is a goof ball. She can’t meow. She just squeaks. She likes to make a mess of things but who can get mad at her with that cute face!
Ash is the funniest dog ever, such a sweet, silly personality. He makes me laugh every day!
Biggie, AKA Mr. Meow-gi, loves his squirrel, string cheese, zoomies and under chin scratches.