George is my sweet cat that just craves affection. We bought a pig statue that George thinks is his. He is watching tv with his arm around Leroy the pig!
Pluto was adopted by us in September of 2021. We were told he was adopted and returned before us because he “wasn’t coming out” within the first 2 weeks. We decided to give him time and in a few months he’s now a cuddly kitty who enjoys car rides and chasing a laser. He has the softest meow for the biggest personality! He loves trying to steal food off of your plate and insists on joining you in the bathroom. Neck scritches are his favorite and he absolutely loves sleeping on the top bed in the cat tree! Also the few times he comes to cuddle or sit near you he always makes sure to put a paw out and touch you!
Pluto And Timmy
Pluto and Timmy were adopted in September of 2021. They weren’t surrendered or brought into the shelter together but they bonded when they met. They were both very shy kitties who would not come out and socialize with the others. They met and started sleeping together in one of the open cabinets. They still love cuddling now even though we have plenty on beds and boxes for them. Occasionally they’ll rough house but they always end up giving each other baths afterward.
Timmy was adopted in September of 2021 and had the safest background. He and his brother were locked in a basement by their owners because her Chihuahuas hated them and his brother eventually passed away. She surrendered Timmy and he met Pluto at the shelter and they bonded there. He LOVES sleeping under the covers with us in the winter and insists on sleeping on top of us or above our heads in the summer. He is a very vocal kitty who lets you know when there is an hour until dinner! He also blesses you when you sneeze! I think he learned that when I would say bless you when he sneezes. He also loves hugs unlike most cats, he purrs like crazy when you put your arms around him.
Raven is a talkative loveable kitty
I would like to personally thank each and everyone who has made this win possible. Each single vote REALLY does count. Bubba will be in this current contest for returns, and some exchanges. I will be having to make some big decisions about my health now. I want also to congratulate everyone who has an entry, wether we come in first or last, our children or pets will always be #1 in our hearts. A big group hug to all Bubba loves his team😍🥰💞😻😺💕❤💗!!! Wish I could hug you all!😚😻 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 Bubba, aka "Bucket Baby", was one of my foster kittens, we fell in love and he became a "Foster Fail". He was found sealed in a bucket of water, he survived by standing on his deceased siblings. 😞💔😿Bubba wants to help feed the many cat colonies, some quite large. Any winnings will go into feefing and vetting the cats in my colonies. Thank you so much for supporting this mission.😻💛🥰💚😽💙😘💜 .💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Tofu is a shy, but mischievous kitty who never leaves his best buddy, Sushi!
This is Louie. He is a 6 month old miniature dachshund. He is a funny, hyper, but sometimes naughty sausage. He loves to play with our other chihuahua and he loves snuggles. If louie wins, I would get him lots of new toys and some new bow ties as well:)
The sweetest little fluffy butt on the planet!
She is a gemini, she loves long walks and sunsets.
Josie is a cute little girl who’s passion in life is playing fetch, tug of war and keep away! She loves making a mess, snoring and giving kisses!
Bear Bear
Bear Bear needs prayers This is my daughter's emotional support dog. He is 10 years old was diagnosed with cushings liver disease. He’s got some other diseases that make treatment very difficult and expensive. Please help this little guy live the rest of his best life. If we win this round anything will go to his appointments and medications he will need to live. Thank you Thank you.
Deeog is an American Bulldog & Pitbull mixed, he love to play tug a war & he has one blue eye one brown eye
He once tried to fight a pigeon. Once. Milo came to us when he was around 8 months old and he is now 11yrs old. He doesn't meow like a normal cat, rather he just suddenly shout/screams at you for food as if he wasn't fed only a few hours ago. He has single handedly (or pawdly... Is that even a word?) destroyed every part of my sofas bar the actual seat cushions, has shredded various curtains trying to kill those dangerous raindrops on the outside of the window and yet will run away from a floating leaf. He's silly, sassy and full of love and has been with us to comfort us whenever we needed a hug. He's also tried to feed us by bringing dead rats, mice and birds but we won't think about that too much.
This cat is love and Energetic. She is fun to be around. Our son love to lay on her and give her hugs. She love to meow to get your Attention.
Cali is a ball full of energy she is only 3 months old she loves to play with the toy mice and the toy springs. She loves to cuddle especially when she knows it’s time for bed.
Running for achievements Only please don’t return any owed votes , Thank you for everyone who retuned all votes . You
the chunkiest, prettiest, sweetest kitty you’ll ever meet.
Kuroo was hit and had to get his leg amputated and is missing an ear but that doesn’t slow him down he loves playing and running around! He’s 2 months old!
Blanco is a Berman cat who’s really shy but loves attention. Blanco loves his brother smoky and adores his sister Layla
Sandor found me when he was only 2 months old by screaming alllllll night, just to make sure I would come get him. I grabbed him after I saw him climb up into my neighbors car engine! He loved me instantly, and we’ve been best friends ever since 🥰
Kahlúa was born at a pitbull rescue on April 28th. He’s a shy boy that will be a great companion one day. He loves playing tag and stealing treats.
Hattie is a Belgian Malinois and Dachshund. She was adopted from San Juan Del Cabo Mexico and now lives in Portland Oregon.
Honey loves to take walks and go on car rides! She is the sweetest girl and newest member of the family!
Scarlett loves to play and sleep on her bag , as pictured. She’s the baby kitty and she knows it! She loves napping in the windows with her momma and eat treats!
Rex is an 8 month old lab/shar pei mix that came to live in his furever home at just 6 weeks old. He has one human sister, and 3 kitty siblings. He loves cuddling with mom & dad, playing with socks and going to puppy class!
He loves to play and is very lovable
Finn is our snuggly boy! He loves roaming the house but he loves having his own bedroom the most! Cat towers and scratching post fill the room wall to wall so he never gets bored and when he’s done playing he comes down to find mom and dad for all the cuddles and love our fur baby can handle. Vote Finn!!
George is 6 weeks old. He is a Maine Coon cat. We adopted him and his sister. We love our cats so much. The other picture is his sister, Bella.
Gunner is a 7 month old Labrador retriever mix that was rescued off the streets in Texas! He has been in his forever home for four months now and his favorite things are squeaky toys! When Gunner isn’t doing laps around in the yard he is in obedience training or keeping a lookout in the window for any visitors. Gunner is one happy pup who enjoys all friends of all kinds!
Pepper Petunia is the friendliest and craziest Aussie around!
The most energetic dog you’ll ever meet. He loves to play tug of war, and fetch. He loves the outdoors. Loves attention. Definitely loves to cuddle, and loves to give you kisses.
Hiiiiii My name is Zeus im 6 months and me lubs running, sleeping, eating and cuddling. 😊
Maverick is a 6 month old rescue from Puerto Rico! He loves to play with tennis balls and be sassy ! He definitely has a big personality
Lola is 3 months old and we rescued her a month ago from a family who was in an accident. Those ears are always the first thing she gets compliments on! She is full of love, energy and wet kisses. Please vote for our little Lola!
OMG!! I can't thank everyone who helped Peepers! She came in 1st in Texas & 40th in the world!! You are all rockstars in my book!! Hi, everyone! Peepers here. 1st, I want to say a big THANK YOU to you all! You really came thru for my Meowmy! I need to report that, as of Monday, my Dad is off the ventilator!! They even removed the tracheostomy & he is breathing on his own & starting to try & talk!! Thank you all for your prayers & good thoughts! They sure worked!! Meowmy & I are forever grateful!! 💙🤗😘🐈🎉🎊 Forever your friend, Peepers
Ellie Mae
Ellie has long scruffy black hair with green eyes. She loves to play with her brothers. She is very spunky and loving. She was born in my moms attic with 3 other siblings and was orphaned. I took her and her siblings in and raised them by hand from 4 weeks old. She was the only one of the litter that had long hair so I kept her and her brother since black cats are hard to place in a new home. We also adopted her cousin who she loves to play with and wrestle. Vote for Ellie so she can get herself and siblings some new toys.
Gypsy is a half Siamese and domestic tiger with mitten paws. She LOVES food and weighs 21lbs. Her favorite thing to do is flop on the floor and giving a little meow and chasing a laser light.
Coda loves to play and sleep and her training
KOVU is a spunky pup who loves to cuddle and play. He is also a mamas boy and i love it!
Thanks to everyone for being with us 💝 Charlie team thanks you all 💝💝💝for the advances, exchanges and for every gift ... 💝🍀💪💝🍀💪 ... Now we can start celebrating 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳and help Amelka who is sick with SMA ...💪🍀💪🍀💪🍀....together we can do more💪💪💪💝💝💝💝
If Royale wins im gonna donate some to her and her vet bills and the rest to my local humane society
Willow has the most amazing loving temperament. She loves going on walks and swimming through water. She also is the greediest dog I’ve ever met!
Twig is a Cheeky terrier that is very clever and does what she wants when she wants!
This is Aqua enjoying herself in her Catio
Elsa’s favourite thing to do is to sit in the sun purring in her Catio
Gus loves food! He loves to watch birds from the window and make little calling noises. Gussy boy is the best cuddler!