Dog cat Stories


Fun PUP who always loves to play I love training and running around with my parents woof woof
Sockertees Lynn
She is the youngest of 7 Chihuahuas. She loves to talk. She sometimes sounds like a cat meowing.
MoMo does not believe that he is a cat. He likes fuzzy blankets and long naps in the sun. He loves humans and tolerates the rabbit. At one point, he was bigger than the baby...and always by his side.
Henry is a puggle. He loves poo’ing in bushes and trying to eat things he’s not suppose to. He likes to cuddle up with his fur mom for naps and tries to bite her butt cheeks when he’s cranked up. His nick names are: Prince Henry of Pawington, Henny, and Henaroo-roo-roo!
Just a sweet, snuggly, and chunky boy who loves to take naps!
Peyton only have one eye but he love to play around
Toby love his toys and he will play around with u
Bandit is a loving house dog he loves to take naps and hike bandit knows many tricks and love treats fortunately bandit is still here with us his siblings and mom was killed in fire he was for adoption and know one wanted him because he has trust issues but a adopted him and he is now starting to trust people My mom calls me a diamond 💎 because I shine so bright 😊🐶💎💎💎
Beau loves humans more than life. A belly rub, back scratch = his best day ever.
A very playfull 2 1/2 month little furrball with a big personality, she loves car rides and makes me laugh everyday.
Hey Human Friends My Name Is Mighty! I am a Pomeranian Chihuahua mix! I Enjoy running around outside, playing with my toys, and going to the beach! I Love Peanut Butter!😍
Little Bill
Bill loves to ride w/his Dad in the 4 wheeler & look for deer & turkeys. He’s very smart & loves going for walks, playing w/his cats, & loves his pet turtles.
He's very intelligent, loves to talk by saying mom and momma. He thinks he is a real baby...sleeps with his paws outside the blanket. He loves cuddles.
Hi there friends 👋 ☺️ My names is Bruno and I am a Yorkshire Terrier! I love to play, sleep and cuddle with my owner✨ Please vote for me and my siblings we would all really appreciate it, love you guys take care!😊💞
Skye is a 2 year old sheltidoodle that was rescued from an Amish puppy mill when she was a few weeks old, she is currently thriving in the desert heat with her Mom, Dad and sister, Everly Ruth. Everly has named Skye after the character on Paw Patrol and we think she lives up to her name! Skye loves walks, drives and puppucinos. 🐾 💖
Hello guys my name is Camilo and I am a chill, funny and handsome American wire hair cat. They know me as the kitty kitty meow meow or the “hippie” 🙄 I love to sleep, eat and explore outside for 4 minutes. Please vote for me or I will meow really really loud in your ear till you do ❤️🤌
Rogue is a southern belle she loves snacks,naps,snuggles,big fluffy chew toys and rainy days.
Cardi is a 12 week old puppy , who is sweet , an chill an just ready to explore all that life brings, She is also very generous an will be donating some of her prizes to our local Shelter 🐶 Thank you all for your help 🐶❤️
Mr Harvey Moonstone
My name is Harvey and my favorite things to do is sleep and steal my mums socks when she is getting dressed in the morning. I run off up the hall with her sock in my mouth and hide until she finds me. I love to sleep and watch tv and sleep and eat and sleep oh and i like sleeping. Dreamies are my fave but the tuna ones. Im a very spoilt boy who thinks he is in charge of the house, Im not but i like to think i am
She is very likeable everywhere she goes she is sure to make a friend ...
Hello ladies my name is Batman and I am a tuxedo cat, I like to sleep, get into trouble and hunt my own food sometimes. Please vote for me and I’ll treat you right. Sincerely Batman, also known as The ladies man. 😏❤️
Hi I'm Augie! I’m a 9 month old energetic little rescue Border Collie mix. I absolutely love everyone and everything. I am a little bit of everything, Border Collie, Australian Shepard, Lab, Husky, and Staffordshire.
Holly love to be center of attention. She lives the camera, and lives treats. She’s a super sweet girl, and loves love.
This sweet love able baby was a rescue , he was found with only partial tail and has gone through a lot in his first year of life . He’s 9 lbs and only 9 months old . They say we rescued him , but I think he rescued me !
She loves to play and be outside
Cali is the sweetest puppy at three months old. She is very smart and picks up on everything
Nova is a very playful puppy. In as little as 2 days she learned to sit when told to do so. She loves to sleep with her cheetah print squeaky toy. Nova is not so excited when it comes to walks, she becomes very tired all of a sudden but when it’s time to come inside she is full of energy. Her and her sister Luna protect and take care of each other! Since birth I knew these pups were not meant to be separated!
Luna is a very smart, energetic puppy! She enjoys outdoor walk, loves food, she enjoys playing her squeaky toy and loves wrestle with her sister Nova! She is very protective when it comes to her sister Nova. They protect each other and keep each other company. Since birth I knew these pups could not be separated!
Bandit is a loving house dog he loves to take naps and hike bandit knows many tricks and love treats
My name is Sativa and some of my favorite things are spending time with my momma, playing with kids, and pizza! I’ll be 5 years old in December and I’ve been with my mom since I was 1 week old(but I think I’ve been here since day one). We love going for hikes and walks and the occasional bike ride. I think I’m the cutest, so I’m pretty sure I already won.
Jasper came to us after 8 years of unsuccessfully trying to have a human baby. He has been my saving grace. He snuggles, sleeps, and follows me wherever I go. We call him our special boy because he has issues. Gluten allergies along with environmental allergies, but there are times he also thinks he’s a piggy snorting at us all the time. He also makes sure to sleep on top of his dad’s head at night and snore up a storm. I wear headphones so at least I can sleep. All kidding aside Jasper is amazing he rarely barks and he is so gentle with other animals, people of all ages and a nephew of mine who has autism he is scared of dogs but there is something inside of Jasper that comforts him. It’s amazing it all works out great because Jaspers favorite thing is attention.
Kane was born in Christmas Day. He is very affectionate and loves running in the park. Kane’s favorite toys are a big bone, balls and especially his “baby”-a stuffed animal dog that he sleeps with. We’d love you to vote for him!
Jasper is a pug/jack russell. He loves to play and chew everything lol but he loves to give you alot of kisses and he loves a lot of loving ❤️❤️
Lani loves swimming, rolling in the grass, cats, car rides, pup cups, and meeting other dogs. You should vote for her because she is adorable and we'd really appreciate it.
Rosie is scared of almost everything. When we go any wgere though she loves saying hello to everyone she sees. She's off to the vet on thursday may 20th to get spayed ut we win any money it will be going towards her getting spayed.
Joe is a good boy ! .. he loves to cuddle up for lovins'.. this big boy likes to play with his twin sister, Nelly & his purring is magnificent !
We got Coco from a shelter she is the sweetest dog and she is so good and her favorite things to do is lick everyone and chew on everything
Black Jack
Jack is a loving big dog that behaves like a gentle man! He loves the camera and loves gives big fat kisses! Please vote for this little gentleman
Storm was rescued by myself when he was a kitten. He loves to play, eat and sleep. Storm is a real character and has me in stitches with his antics. He’s a spoilt cat and deserves it.
Ace is a adorable fun loving, caring dog. He behaves and wants a new bone! He loves to be loved and is comforting, please vote for him!!❤️
Mr. prince loves his new home. In addition he loves his families socks, shoes, and food. He is generous in his puppy skills of biting and loves all people. Someday he will be a Great Prince!
Diesel is an 8 week old black lab! He is the goodest of good boys! He is about to start his long journey of becoming a medical assist service dog for his beloved owner and best friend, Katherine who is 7 years old.
Boba is a sweet, caring and loving dog. She loves attention and big cuddled with. She also loves rolling around in the grass.
Mango is the craziest, quirkiest cat I’ve ever owned. He truly has a mind of his own. He has the personality of a dog always begging for food, picking things up off the floor, chewing stuff, and even drinking out of the toilet (we don’t encourage that!). He’s such a fiery little orange guy.
Peanut is the sweetest little girl ever. She loves everyone, and is willing to give everyone loves and snuggles
This handsome boy joined our family when he was 9 months old and is 1 1/2 years old now. He’s super smart and has tons of energy! He goes everywhere we go, including to work with his dad, every single day. He loves to play with balls and loves all other dogs. He may look intimidating, but he’s the sweetest boy ever and we adore him! Stryker would love your vote!
Goose is an adopted Boxer Bull Dog - named after Goose from Top Gun - money will go back towards pet insurance and donating to the place we rescued him from - Brighter Days Dogs Rescue <3 Thanks Goose