Dog cat Stories


Sasha loves to play with her toys and play with her humans. And loves the attention
Rocky is a very friendly loving pup who loves everything especially cuddles and is very much like a big baby
Piper is malshi with a wonderful personality. She loves everyone and is a great addition to our family!
I want to bring awareness to rescue animals! He is almost deaf and will be soon. We are trying to raise money for training for deaf dogs, and to be an emotional support pooch. He is a 4 month old rescue that we fell in love with on a recent trip to the shelter. We were there to spread some love and enjoy the hundreds of puppy kisses. When we saw Ollie, (aka Beef Wellington) it was MAGIC!! There was a clear connection between him and my children. After playing outside with him for a bit I knew that he belonged with us and we were meant to be at that shelter that day! He has brought us so much joy and is doing really well with his training. His favorite thing to do is snuggle on the couch and play with toy ducks. Ha! He’s so funny with an amazing heart and so much love to give. Thanks for loving us Ollie! 🥰
Lila is a 5 mth old Lilac French bulldog, she is Nova's Daughter & Cali's Granddaughter. She is our 3rd girl and 3rd generation. She loves playing keep away, loves playing fetch, but more than anything is a cuddle bug & loves her butt scratched. Her favorite snack is dehydrated liver, but she goes Crazy for Starbucks puppacinos.
I was born death I love playing in the park and give the BEST licking cuddles :)
Skye Turner
Hello I’m Skye and my favourite thing to do is cuddle and go for brunch with my mum xxx
Dozer loves “his” kids and wouldn’t hurt a fly! He’s a mixed breed of a Pit and Hound. He loves to swim and go on walks.
Mouse was a pug cross yorkie she recently passed away at the tender old age of 16 out living her brothers and sisters by almost 10 year mouse was a big part of our family rip beautifull girl
My name means "little fox" and I sure do live up to it! Always getting away with all sorts of mischeief!🐾 Please vote for Lisyonok so we can help a Russian animal shelter in Nizhniy Novgorod (Sostradaniye) ❤
Plez "LIKE" my profile below and while I'm 'otherwise engaged' ie. - doin' what I do best - takin' a nap', please leave a vote and/or a "Like"... I usually sleep at the foot of my Humon's bed or in the headboard - BUT first I gotta get my cuddle time & belly rubs. I seem to put my humoon into dreamland as she falls asleep to the beat of my mezmorizing purrrrrr... I'm a purrrrfect songster!!! When 'we' get up in the morning to go downstairs my Humon takes a detour into the 'water'room, I turn around and go back to get some treats and pets while she sits & "puts her face on" after she disappears behind a curtian and gets wet; why she gets wet on purpose I'll never know??? Then we make our descent to the 1st floor ~ well, ok I skedaddle, she walks - ain't that special?... I'll run & stand wiith my front paws on her knee when she rattles the cat treat jar, but when she tells me to say please {really??? I'm a Kat???}; I put my paw on her hand {there's that irrational belief I'm going to talk to her} & I'll even give her a kiss az I'm nabbing that yummy treat outta her lips... I know I'm lowering my standards by letting her think I understand just what a kiss is ~ YUCK!!!}. I'll meow when she tells me to "talk to mama" which is my way of being a tease ~ but she seems to not want to drop the idea that I'm not going to suddenly start talking to her ~ jeesh!!! Kats don't talk, right? We either purr, hiss, or meow... I act like a snobb much of the day - unless she starts talking into this black retangular thingy ~ how dare she ignore me... I AM her middle purrrrster, right??? My Humoon has this sign by the door that sezs "My cats are NOT spoiled ~ I'm just well trained" HA!!! She does have a point. Well, I'm going to go take a nap ~ Pllase remember to vote for me ~ especially if you think I look angry; most people think I'm somehow related to some famous TV Puurrrster who is the quintessential KING of Angry!!! I'm really pretty damm loveable - just ask my humooon
Arlo is a sweet naughty boy he loves people as much as socks wood and stones
She’s such a cuddle bug! She loves her family and other animals, she loves going to the farm and has actually become best friends with the goats and pigs there ☺️She gives them kisses lol she has 3 human sisters and 1 human brother 🥰 she loves them so much and is always so nurturing to her human baby brother. She is an all around amazing fur baby and we love her so very much 💕
Ace Money
Ace money is a exotic bully blue fawn just to be exact no to many bully’s this color supper rare he’s fun out going mind if a human supper smart and knows what he want intelligent and out going best dog to be around in the world
Reina is a French bulldog puppy that loves walks outside, puppy daycare eating blueberries and yogurt. She’s the cutest puppy with farts that could clear a crowded room 💨
Loves treats, getting brushed & giving head butts ❤️
Saylor Gray
Loves to cuddle! Need a snuggle buddy for nap time.....count me IN!
My name is Toulouse. I am a short-haired cat but am very fluffy. I am very timid and like my own space but I give the best cuddles when I'm feeling affectionate. My owners are my mum Sophie and my best friend Jake. We get up to a lot of mischief together. I am a very talkative cat. I like to express myself a lot with my opinions and I always say hello to my owners when they wake up in the morning. My favourite toy is the feather wand. I tire myself out so much that I can't move sometimes! I love to sit on the windowsill and watch the birds most days. I like to go outside but I prefer to stay close to home. Although I am a boy, my nanny says I am very pretty. I prefer to be called handsome. Got to keep up my reputation for the ladies.
Daisy will be 5 months old on the 25th, she loves her brother and sister. She loves to cuddle, and to get dressed pretty every morning.
He a cutie pie loves to hop around like a rabbit and says please with his hand he is always smiling
Gladys is an anxious girl, but very goofy in trusted company. If she were a human, her voice would sound like Bea Arthur's. She's the best and loudest guard dog.
Percy loves to sleep and steal her sisters toys….
Rocky is a yorkiepoo , his birthday is august 11 🥰 He loves running around and playing with his siblings. Also loves to cuddle 🥰 he is also a daddy to 6 girls and 1 boy ❤️🥰
Ewok is a 21 week old male kitten that has brought a lot of joy into our lives. This spring his mother Olivia showed up at our back door as a stray and shortly after surprised us with 6 kittens. Three of Ewok’s siblings have been adopted. Mama Olivia and Ewok’s sister Varric and his brother Hawke remain with us and our home will be their forever home. Ewok has very distinctive eye shape that distinguished him even at a few weeks old from his other siblings. Ewok loves snuggle time ❤️ He often does a 0500 wake up call for snuggle time. He loves playing with his siblings and mother. He is usually a total mama’s boy and is close to Olivia. He really likes his play tunnels and cat tree. And recently he has taken to watching TV with us; he especially loves the formula one races. He has also recently discovered that there is birds, squirrels and chipmunks outside and spends a good portion of his day in one of the bay windows watching the outside critters or napping in the sunshine.
Very friendly love other dogs a great rapport
He love the snow
He like give love
Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel is a rescue I found curled up in my tire on a cold rainy day. She couldn’t be more perfect! She loves to chase butterflies, pester the dog, and she makes sure she never misses a meal! She rescued me more than I rescued her!
A Pugtato...Thanks. Peggy is the sassiest pug around, but ends every night with cuddles and kisses.
Sawyer lives on one of the busiest streets in the state - between being a beagle and loooooving people even walking a few blocks can take an hour, because he has to nose up to every single person he passes to get loving!
Zeke is a mamma’s boy, follows mamma everywhere! He loves to cuddle, explore the leaves outside, and play with his puppy sister Paisley.
Paisley is the sweetest pup around! She loves to give kisses by bopping her nose on your lips💗 playing with her puppy brother Zeke and cuddling are her favorite things to do!
Axel is a spunky and friendly Frenchie who loves attention, car rides, and my kids. He enjoys stuffed animals and sometimes likes to nurse them. He gives the biggest smiles when happy and can be quite the cuddler though he has a habit of snoring like a grown man. Just trying to get my pups face out there and see where the future may take us, vote Axel!🖤
Wrangler is a very happy English Bulldog who likes to play fetch, tug, and ball. He loves to watch cartoons and play outside in the leaves. He often defends his humans from the evil vacuum cleaner. Wrangler looks forward to rides in the family Jeeps and his favorite destinations are Sonic and any store where he can walk around and shop for a new toy. His favorite treats are crackers and ice cubes.
Whiskey is very loveable.
Zorah is an Pocket Extreme American Bully. Zorah comes from the most famous Bully of Dax with the Gotti Bloodline from the East Coast. Zorah loves cuddles, car rides and all walks of life. Zorah’s temperament is as gentle as gentle gets.
Odin, Odin Podin, or Tiny Bear is a 45+ lb boy who enjoys digging in the mud and sleeping. You can find him playing with his pibble sister, being a loaf dog, or slapping you for attention!
Canelo is a Pomchi that loves to be babied and is full of energy! He is the sweetest puppy who enjoys playing with his toys.
Hi, my name is Maverick! I enjoy cuddles with mommy, playing with my big brother Maximus and eating sticks outside inbetween zoomies. Im such a sweet boy with a big heart and bigger personality, if you cant tell from my photos. 🧡
My days consist of endless cuddles, licks, long walks on the beach and embarking on whatever adventures my best friend throws my way!
Jojo is quite a rascal…he is the sweetest boy, but he also loves to get into everything!
Belle is our beloved pet and mama cat❤️❤️❤️
Kitty is one of our kittens who unfortunately passed away not long ago😭😭😭 RIP Kitty💔💔💔
Tiago is our big soft but protective teddy bear, he loves walks and cuddle and his food of course 😋
Salem is a sweet baby recently rescued from the animal shelter. He loves his humans❤️
Cali is a 6 month old border collie mix