Loving cat. He love to be center of attention. He loves to cuddles and play peek a boo.
Later in life adoption of Bronson our tripawd boy :) Lost his front leg due to infection. Loves to play fetch and tug of war. Loves to cuddle.
Auggie doggie is Fort Smith’s favorite pup! He loves cursing around town with his head out the window, he loves playing endlessly with kids, you’ll always be able to catch him in a playful mood, he’s is such a cuddle bug and he absolutely loves his homemade sweet potato snacks that he gets from his grammie!
Rosie is a Doberman Pinscher with floppy ears. Her big, mischievous snoot is always getting into trouble.🐽
Smudge is our 8 week old puppy! His middle name is Mark because he is our sweet little Smudge Mark! He’s a mix of yorkie, shih tzu, and Maltese. He loves his squeaky toys just as much as we love him!
Minnie is my tiny baby girl. She is a teacup chihuahua Yorkie. And beautiful and soft with a sweet personality. She loves to sleep curled up next to me. And cuddled up in my blanket. She is the sweetest tiniest pup ever. But has the biggest sassiest personality about her. And when she whines she sounds like an adorable little geania pig.
Meet our precious boy, Roman! This boy loves to go on walks and he's full of boundless energy! He is best known in our household as the one who enjoys slapping others when play fighting.
Bella loves to play almost as much as she likes to snuggle and snooze! She made her own personal hammock out of the living room curtains and a fluffy bed out of the couch cushions, but with the sweetest face imaginable, you just can’t be mad at her!
Beware: Ivory can’t control her licker. Ivory loves to give love. She will smother you with kisses as long as you let her and she’s mastered the art of puppy eyes. She’s the sweetest pup there is and is a great example of what type of dogs the Pitbull breed really are!
Surette Blue
Surette is a beautiful siamese Queen, shes about a year old ( not completely sure of birthdate lol 🤗😍) she loves to eat, treats, she loves chasing an catching bugs, surette is sweet loves to be cuddled an loves attention, shes very protective. Please vote for her!!!!!!! Surette would absolutely appreciate it 💜🥰😆🤗😍✨️🙏🏻😻This would mean so much to win
Trooper “Chupa” is a CODA and very sweet and gentle boy. Right now he’s 5.5 month old pup. He enjoys making new fur friends and human friends. He knows few sign language(his moms deaf) His absolute favorite thing to do is fetch with any kind of ball literally. He loves water! He drools over the birds lol. He’s always happy to-go-puppy!
Murphy was the sweetest boy! He had so much energy and would love to play, and didn’t let anything stop him, such as his disabilities. He did not have the ability to jump, or retract his claws, so we had to help him get his claws stuck out of everything. He also would have muscle spasms quite often. Murphy never let anything stop him. We sadly had to put him down a year ago because his health had declined rapidly due to his unknown condition. I am sharing this adorable photo of Murphy as a tribute, and to show his cuteness to the world.
He is the sweetest boy loves to play ball. Snuggle and chase his brother and sister around the house
He is funny and smart when we got him as a puppy we noticed something wasnt right come to find out hes blind!
I had been wanting to adopt a cat for a looong time but was hesitant. I didn’t want to get a cat just to get a cat. I've been following several local shelters on Facebook and have seen 100's of cats, but never made a move. One day, Honeybun came across my newsfeed. Her story pulled at my heartstrings and everything in my gut told me I HAD to go meet her. The next day, my husband and I drove an hour to the shelter and within the first few minutes I knew Honey was the one I've been searching for.
Meowlexander Hamilton
Meowlexander Hamilton healed our hearts and his big brothers heart a few months after losing our first baby. He is spunky, clingy, happy, and playful. He LOVES Hawaiian Rolls and baked chicken. He sleeps on top of his moms head and has to be in her lap anytime she uses the potty. He also gets mad at the wash cloths in the bathtub because he thinks they’re going to attack his mom.
Beau is a Great Pyrenees/Pit Bull Mix rescue pup that was saved alongside his siblings from approaching coyotes on the side of a mountain in North Cali. He is the most perfect bubbie who loves to snuggle and give kisses. My little family is now complete with the sweetest boy ever. 🤍
Vanta is a special cat she is so sweet and loves to eat. Vanta's name , meaning Sweden says the name Vanta means "Darkest black". When she is in the sun her fur shows tiger stripes. Vanta loves to clib in the tree and hunt for birds she has not catch any yet but she sure tries. Please vote for Vanta this special cat. She needs your votes.
Benji is a ball of energy that does not stop going! He loves running in the backyard just as much as he loves sleeping the day away.
Cole Haskett
He cute, will make you laugh love to chase you down and loving dog
Snowman is a all white blue eyed male cat. He is very loving and sweet. One thing he loves to do is when you stop petting him, he’ll smack you but not hard.
Pandora is loving and spoiled by her human brother who she is connected to the hip at all times
Sweet little man just wants to always be with his mama! Suffers from little dog syndrome thinking he’s a Great Dane
Artemis And Persephone
Artemis & Persephone are like 2 peas in a pod. Their bond is beautiful. 🥰
Hi! My name is Iah. I am 4 years old. I am a very energetic, playful, fun-loving pup. I love squeaky toys, long walks, and lots of biscuits. I am gentle with all hoomans even though I am learning to trust new friends. I enjoy cuddles, but love to burrow my own comfort spot but must have a blanket and bed to sleep on. My mom is my best friend.
Remington is the sweetest and most out going furbaby. He is such a mamas boy
Lulu is a very special cat. I have had lulu for 6 years. I got her when she was 6 weeks old.She saved my brother's life just setting beside him. My brother is in Remission (Cancer)thanks to lulu. I love her so much. She help me with depression and anxiety. Lulu loves taking a bath with or with out my grandkids. She loves setting on the chair at the front door and watching all the hummingbirds. Lulu is very loved.
Smokey And Speck
Or not only Brothers but best friends they are the sweetest most lovable kitties you could ever have
Small tinny fuzz that is playful and a baby
Ghost loves giving hugs, loves his snuggles. He loves playing with his momma, Missy.
Oreo is an 18 year old male tuxedo. He is my best friend and has been my companion since I was 7, he’s the treasure of my life! Give this old man some likes age ain’t nothing but a number when you’re this cute 🥰
Echo Bean
Echo is nicknamed the little wiggle worm because she just cant stand still she just wants nothing but kisses and hugs non stop she is by far one of the happiest dogs ive met in my life. she was born on feb. 14th 2023 and loves nothing more than to be running through and rolling around in the long grass or to be sleeping literally on top of me.
Sidney Taylor Hale
Sidney is a 12 weeks old Shih tzu
Josephine Hope Haskett
Josephine Hope or ( Joy Joy ) is a beautiful little Daddy's Girl who loves her family, her treats, and well her treats. When she isn't curled up asleep she likes play security guard and make sure that the house is safe for her family and did I mention her snack time.
Butters and rivers are the perfect pillows with legs. 😂
Cabella is the best dog anyone could have she is sweet, kind, sometimes lazy, loves outdoors and also an attention hog lol❤️. She is always around her people she will cuddle and lay with you or by you. She is a very happy and spoiled dog. She loves swimming and traveling in the back seat with us wherever we go. She is a rescue. We have had her for 12/13 years we found her and rescued her and ever since then she has been the greatest dog ever!!😊❤️ Most of all she is very silly like in the profile picture she was smiling😂 😊
Journey is a Blue Silver Tabby aka. "A Midnight Charcoal Classic Tabby," for short..with big bright green/bluish eyes. Her coat print is very Distinctive & Beautiful.. and definitely one of kind.💓 She is the light of my world and her grandmothers, and has brought so much joy to our lives. Ever since the very first day I brought her home and held her, I knew she was in her forever home. I decided to name her Journey because I was on a new path of discovery in my own life and she was the purrrfect companion to walk beside me. There's something about her energy that has always been so healing no matter what is going on in life, she balances me out, and is a constant reminder of everything that is beautiful in this world. She has incredible dirt rolling skills, the fact that she is a professional bird chaser amazes me, talented treat connoisseur, crazy wall/tree climber, hair shedder, funny whisker flicker, and unconditional paw healer. She is the meaning of pure love.🐾❤️
Bingo is a rescue pup from Oregon. She was found with two sisters and no mommy in December. Her first round with the adoption process didn’t go well, she “screamed” and peed and pooped when she was handed to a potential adopter. After spending more time with the rescue and gaining some confidence she happily came home with me and has brought much joy and helped me cope with my chronic illness.
This little girl LOVES to run around and jump off of furniture 🤣 she gets the zoomies and is soo full of energy!!!!!! She’s such a loving dog and has quite the personality (:
Peeves is your typical orange cat. Names after peeves the poltergeist from the Harry Pitter novel’s. While a nuisance, he’s a lover. He loves plastic, tape, boxes. If you have any type of dairy in your hands, he is right there to ensure he gets a taste. The most lovable of all the babies, he is the best boy anyone could ask for 💕
Edgar (Twin Brother To Poe) is 2 1/2 years old. He is very spoiled and loves food. You can find him cuddling with his twin, his daddy Jamie & his mommy Ashley. He loves to swat your feet when you walk by. Edgar is a good boy and has never hissed or scratched at anyone. He is very high maintenance kitty and lives his best as an indoor only cat here in Central New York!
I’m a very sweet little girl, I love to play with my humans. I’m 12 weeks old now and growing fast.
Bailey Lombardi-link
Bailey is an adorable little Shorkie, who loves to play fetch and give lots of kisses. He hops around like a little bunny and is so agile. He once jumped up on the toilet tank to try to get into the sink. He flys like a bird. He is so loved and gives so much happiness and love to us.
Luna Bear
The prettiest most loving girl. She makes me laugh everyday with her antics. Love her to bits🖤🧡
He will only drink out of the kitchen Tap and usually spends his time sleeping
Her name is gargoyle but we all call her rat. She really likes tinfoil balls. She'll scream abouy them. Thats it
She’s learning her obstacle course and loves chewing on my other dog’s toenails 😂